Tom Petty Concert.

TomPetty The Tom Petty concert last night was amazing! I went into Toronto early in the day so I could spend the day there, to avoid rush HR traffic and so it wouldn’t be as much of a rush and I went to a shopping mall in Scarborough and then to the Eaton Centre mall( I used to go to every Saturday when I lived there) and it brought back such happy nostalgic memories and even being back in the city again I feel reborn and transformed; I’m energized, revitalized and the “Old Me” again and as soon as I get back here I can literally feel the life being sucked out of me, like a soul sucking demon. My hubby, of course, hates the city and always insults it and complains how he hates the driving and snarked how I “should just move back then” and he should “just drop me off” but I wish it were that easy but we just can’t afford to live there anymore even though I miss it every day. He just doesn’t seem to understand that I had a whole other life there before I met him, a life where I was happy, and every time I go back I come “alive” again, and come out of my “shell”, I thrive in the city and it’s where I belong and I just feel so dead here. I HATE living in “Bumble- F*ck.”

What we did once we arrived in Toronto was parked the van at the concert venue 3 HRS early to ensure we got a parking spot( afterall there was 20 000 people there at the stadium, the same as the entire population of this entire town!) and then my hubby had the hare-brained idea to WALK to the Eaton Centre which was a KM away….nothing to HIM…but lord-have mercy AGONY for me with my breathing problem( I can’t walk far) AND it was sweltering hot ( 31 C with a humidex of 41 C) and I was DYING and I had blisters on my feet, oh, God I thought I’d never make it I thought I was going to collapse I could hardly breathe, I was sweating like a hippo and my feet were killing me. I also gave a homeless guy some $$$ on the way by, saw 3 SmartCars and wanted to do a test drive ( it’s one of the things on my Bucket List to go in a Smart Car) in one but couldn’t find the rental place but I was too wiped out to walk back again to the concert so we took a subway(which was only 2 stops, ha ha, but walking felt like HRS) back, again reminding me of growing up int he city where I’d take subways and streetcars all the time.

The opening act was Steve Winwood ( formerly of “Traffic”) and my hubby called the music “garbage” but his problem is that he doesn’t have good taste in music( he likes redneck country music, afterall, which pretty much says it all) who played his set for an HR and then 30 min. to set up the stage again and then Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played for 2 HRS and they played 3 out of my 4 of my faves of theirs “Refugee”, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, and “American Girl”( they just didn’t do “The Waiting”) and my hubby said he even recognized a few of the songs but he hates concerts and shopping and felt he was just being dragged around all day but for me it was a great day and the highlight of my summer and I rarely have any fun in my life anymore so for me it was an amazing day and I really had alot of fun. There were people near us smoking up as well but it wouldn’t a concert without it so I think it’s kind of funny and oddly my hubby put his arm around my shoulder too which he NEVER does so it makes me suspicious and makes me wonder what he’s up to? It’s so unlike him…We were up so high at the concert( on the 3rd level) everyone on stage looked so tiny it was hard to see but luckily they had the Jumbotron screens which made it alot better!

It was a long drive there and back as well(but worth it) and on the way there my hubby was listening to this stupid thing that was so boring and then half way there it started on about redneck sports and there was no way I was going to be stuck listening to that( it was bad enough having to suffer thru the boring stuff, but not redneck stuff, too!) so then it was my turn for the second half of the trip but he got mad when I tried to find a Reggae station on the radio(which I never did find) and on the way home it was still hot but he wouldn’t let me turn on the A/C (it “fogged up the windows”) OR even open the windows( he “didn’t like the road noise” and the wind coming in “hurt his ears”) for a breeze either! I hate long drives with him. I also hate being on the highway at night with all those trucks on the road and I cringe every time we drive alongside one; afraid we’ll get sideswiped by one and end up a hood ornament or a wall hanging! We didn’t get home until 1 am either so I’m really tired. I also got a T-shirt  outside the venue from a scalper or something for only 10 $ too when inside they were selling them for 45$!