Wow! What A Storm!


I know that generally fall begins on the 21st but this year it begins today on the 22nd, making yesterday the last official day of summer and boy was it ever a hot humid stormy one! It was so thick, muggy,and humid it felt like 37 C and thunderstorms( and it was a series of storm cells,too, not just one, as it lasted for hours) with wind so bad, it got to 100 KM/HR at one point it was loudly banging and rattling on the windows and it honestly sounded like someone was trying to break in. It was quite scary,actually, and it freaked out poor Buddy; he kept barking at it, thinking there was a threat. The 19 YR old away at school in Ottawa even had a tornado warning and was told to seek immediate shelter!

Holy f*ck!

The thunder was sooooo loud as well it woke everyone up in the middle of the night all except for my hubby ( who has also slept right thru a blaring fire alarm and an earthquake before!!) and the 11 YR old but it sure woke up the rest of us! It was so loud it shook my entire room and the sound was this tremendous bang! when I was jolted awake at first I thought, What the f*ck was that? and I’d wondered if a plane might have crashed somewhere nearby or perhaps there was a car accident or something and then when the lightening lit up the entire room I knew what it was, Oh….ok, it’s just a bad storm…. but poor Buddy was going ape-shit; he ran and hid under the bed, scared shit-less and then he realized he needed more comfort so he hopped back into bed with me and snuggled as close to me as he possibly could,trembling and shaking, and I snuggled him close to me and comforted him.

Our Internet was also off for several HRS and our power kept going off during the night and my radio went off 3-4 times. Power is still out in some parts of town, trees are down, and in a nearby town lightening even hit a house, blew the power box right off the wall, set the house on fire and it burned right to the ground! I can still remember whent hat happened to our family cottage when I was a little kid: during the off-season it was hit by lightening and burned to the ground and I was esp. upset as I’d left my toy Snoopy there and it sadly perished in the fire.

Screenshot_459 But there was also this: DQ pumpkin Blizzard! Isn’t it just glorious? I’m feeling really bad with my virus as well, just so run-down tired, actually more run over is more like it, and then backed over again.From what I can remember the last time I felt this tired was when I was prego and when my liver was failing. I also have a stiff, sore neck, a headache that won’t go away, and a really sore lower back. I’m a broken down old jalopy that needs an over haul. Time to go in to the shop for some serious repairs.

Two Words.

Screenshot_18 I overheard the kids playing this game where they had to try and describe each family member using only 2 words and then they had to try and guess who it was. The 2 words they used to describe me were weed and sleeping. (I would have said hippos and sunflowers but whatever) and for my mother they said angry and old lady. I figure I got off pretty easy though; I was practically cringing and on edge waiting, wondering what horrible description they would probably come up with for me but it wasn’t so bad. My mother also told me once marijuana becomes legal for everyone in October that it’s probably not a good idea for me to try and grow my own since I can’t even grow sunflowers and that comment and realization made me feel like such a failure. I wonder, is there anything I can do right?

As well, my hubby is so set on moving and so convinced we will and every time I tell him it’s not likely as we can’t afford it and my mother said we’re only going to sell if we can get more selling this house than we pay for the next one, as well as to cover moving costs which doesn’t seem too likely and he replies that the story keeps on changing depending who he talks to; that she tells me one story and tells him another, so I talked to her and to him explaining the situation, trying to get it all straight and she told me and then later repeated to him(in front of me) so it’s all clear and he can understand that no, we can’t afford it, and no, she’s not taking out any more loans, and yes, she is still in debt, and is still paying off a loan she pays 200$ a month to, and we did used to have $$$$$ before but we don’t now and we’re only going to sell this house and move if we can downsize and save $$$$$ NOT if it’s going to cost more $$$$$, esp. $$$$ that we don’t have. For some reason he seems to have a problem understanding this. He either doesn’t seem to realize, or refuses to accept(and is in denial) how bad our financial situation really is.

We also had a good storm during the night that woke me up at 2:30 with the loud thunder and lightening.Now I know why I had that massive headache. Poor Buddy was freaking out and he was trembling and shaking and whining, the poor dog. I like a good thunderstorm at night when I’m in bed though, all curled up under the covers.

Soft Gels.

Screen Shot 07-30-17 at 12.45 PM I couldn’t resist…. I ordered the cannabis oil soft gels, the gummies, the chewies….esp. since when I went to the website they said it was only available for a limited time only. I just have to try them! With taxes and shipping it ended up being 63 $ which isn’t bad as the cannabis oil I normally order costs 90$, but 100$ when you add in taxes and shipping. There’s only 15 pills in the bottle though but you only take 1 at a time and they said it lasts for 6 hours or so, and I only use it twice a week, and if I combine it with the cannabis oil I take using the dropper I could do the gummies once a week and the dropper once a week, so that way they’d last longer, 15 weeks, which is almost 4 months. I’m always trying to “ration” things out like that and “stretch” them as far as I can to make them last longer and get the most for my money. It should arrive in 1-2 days and I can’t wait to try them! They likely don’t taste too good though; probably like weed like the cannabis oil does, a strong, pungent flavour, but medicine doesn’t usually taste good, except for those yummy Flintstone vitamins I had as a kid,and the orange Triaminic liquid allergy medicine I had as a kid,too, which was really yummy. The worst medicine I ever had was Buckley’s cough syrup which tasted like a combination of cat piss, Varsol, battery acid, Pinesol, turpentine, and Vick’s Vapo Rub.

It also started to thunderstorm with torrential rain, thunder,and lightening just  10 minutes before I had to walk to church(and I don’t even have an umbrella, either!) and the humidex was 32 C as well so I prayed….and prayed….and prayed for it to let up….and it did, literally a minute before it was time for me to leave; it stopped raining and was just thunder so I could get to church ok, and because it has stormed it had cooled it down as well and then my hubby was back in time to drive me home afterwards once it got really humid again. It never ceases to amaze me how God answers prayer, and how much He cares for us and provides for us, and that out of billions of people that He cares enough for me as just one insignificant individual, one little speck on Earth, a reminder that we are all precious to Him and that He cares about each and every one of us. There are no coincidences, only God’s works, intervention, and miracles..

It was also so hot that after just 2 hours in the sun I felt like I was starting to get heatstroke and my entire shirt was wet soaked with sweat and my body was telling me Get inside to the shade and cool down right away! and I also felt all sweaty and restless like I was going to faint in church, and it was the Grumpy Old Fart’s last day as well and they had envelopes to collect money to give him as a “gift of appreciation” and I was tempted to just put a penny in (and then he’d spend forever wondering who put that penny in there and never be able to figure it out) but decided against it as that would just be too mean. I’m not sad to see him go though. He’s been here 4 years and we get our new priest next week. My hubby was also at a bridge tournament and he said that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (who played as partners) were there playing as well! How cool is that, being there with 2 of the richest people in the world? The only one missing was the Sultan Of Brunei! 😀


The Cricket.

Screen Shot 08-13-16 at 03.35 PM This little fellow landed on me yesterday and I had my iPod right there with me so I was fortunate enough to be able to get a photo of it. I thought it was a cricket as I had heard them chirping at the same time this little guy showed up and boy could he sure jump, far and fast! So I posted it up on my Facebook and Patti was quick to comment how it was the funniest-looking cricket she’d ever seen and that it’s a flying grasshopper, always quick to correct someone and show-off how smart she is(she’s just like my hubby that way, smart but in a condescending way and always showing-up people with her intelligence) and then my friend W said maybe it’s not and we should cross-reference it with an insect ” dictionary” so I did a Google image search for both “cricket” and “grasshopper” and it was funny, for “cricket” some dumb sports thing kept showing up when I wanted the insect,and then I vaguely remembered it as one of the ways I was tortured in Phys. Ed class back in High school….in any case it didn’t really look like either but more like a moth, except it jumps, not flies(and powder didn’t rub off onto my hands like with a moth), and is the same colour as a cricket but has the hind legs of a grasshopper…. so *WHATEVER* it is, here it is……does anyone know? Later Patti said maybe a cockroach then but I told her that cockroaches are crunchy and this guy was soft and she said you’re not supposed to eat them and I told her I meant when you *step* on them, NOT *eat* them! Ewwww, gross!

As well, we had a BAAAAD thunderstorm yesterday and got at least 50 mm of rain which we needed with the heatwave and drought and today there were broken tree limbs, branches, and leaves all over, and some places even got tornadoes! It was sure some storm! I had left an empty dish outside and it was completely full of rain water! The 13 YR old and the 9 YR old also have Bible camp at our church this week, her as a leader and him as a student, and I forgot to tell you last week at church my hubby didn’t pick me up in time so I walked home(and nearly passed out!)and a car waiting to turn at the light had a “hot” guy as the driver and as I crossed the road a gust of wind made my dress go up and he could see my leg as he was stopped for the light and I hoped and fantasized he thought it was sexy, tanned, and muscular, but he probably just thought it was fat and looked like a tree trunk, either that or he never even noticed and was just muttering to himself, “Hurry up, lady, so I can go!”

I also heard a loud  distinct “pop!” and bang  last night outside my bedroom window that sounded like a gunshot, at first I’d thought was fireworks but then it was only one, and no one does just one firework, so I figured it must have been a gunshot,plus there’s no holiday for fireworks, and only one so maybe it was a drive-by? I have this feeling as well that the 17 YR old’s friend B(who lives in Toronto and hopes to be a pilot for a career) will be the one she ends up marrying,and,in fact, even the first time I met him I had the feeling that this is my future son-in-law, that this is the one that she’ll marry, so it’ll be interesting later on to see if it’s true or not…

The Baby.

Screen Shot 06-20-16 at 06.31 PM I had a dream last night that I had a baby, a girl( I am in the photo here prego with our youngest, who is now 9) which I know isn’t true since I’m still on “Aunt Flow”, plus at my age (49) the “plumbing” is now  broken and I’m too old for that shit now, but wouldn’t it be a “scream” it I ever DID have another baby though? There are worse things that could happen ,though; having cancer would be worse, having AIDS would be worse, being taken hostage by terrorists would be worse, being shot would be worse, etc…plus I couldn’t breast-feed anymore now since I’ve had the 2 breast reduction surgeries AND we’ve given  away all our baby stuff; all the baby clothing, cribs, car seats, playpen, etc. so we’d have to start all over again, and now the kids are older I’m practically “home-free” now  and I’m enjoying the idea of no more kids now and I can just take it easy and relax and enjoy things. It was just a dream, though, but it sure freaked me out just the same. I can’t even imagine…..

Screen Shot 06-20-16 at 07.14 PM Here is also the 15 YR old’s new manicure and I’m considering going and getting MY nails done now,too; I’ve never been to a nail salon before or had it done and it might be the “cure” I need for my nail-biting…. she also has this slushie cup that looks like a bong and it just cracks me up, esp. when she blows bubbles into it…..then I really start losing my shit….

BodhiAndKamarin and here is a sweet photo of the 21 YR old and his friend in California relaxing on the hammock. He comes back home Sunday and she returns with him and stays for the remainder of the summer. I just love this picture; it’s so cute,and you can just see the love in her eyes; the way she’s looking at him. I wish someone looked at me like that, too. We’re getting a big-ass storm rolling in any time now as well, incl. ping-pong-ball-sized hail and a tornado warning even came thru on the Emergency Broadcast network on the TV and I love a good thunderstorm at night when I’m snuggled in bed under my covers, but a tornado not so much….the 17 YR old was also laughing and having fun with her friends and it brought back happy nostalgic memories of my own teen YRS and I hope she cherishes these times and enjoys them now, and that she ponders them in her heart and keeps them as good memories to fondly look back on later, just as I did, and that now she realizes them for the happy times that they are and enjoys the moment.


The Mango Smoothie.

Mangosmoothie(new) I had this delish mango smoothie. It was the BEST! So thick and creamy it was like mango nectar. It was so good I even decided to make a blog post on it. You absolutely have to try it! Mango is my fave. fruit but I love all the tropical fruits, incl. coconut, pineapple, guava, etc. I also wanted to save some left over food for my lunch so to put it in the fridge I had to put my name on it and couldn’t find a “Mama” name tag and I was too lazy to make another so I took an old one that said “Papa” and just decided to modify it and I thought that by simply removing the first “P” and replacing it with an “M” it would change from “Papa” to “Mama” but I’m so stupid as it ended up being “Mapa” instead. This is an example of how dumb I am and how difficult life is for me.

We’re also having this bad thunderstorm with some really bad crazy heavy rain and are forecasted to get 50 mm or so, Buddy hates US Prez Obama; it’s the funniest thing; the 12 YR old has him on her computer wallpaper and every time he sees it on there he goes crazy and keeps barking and barking at it until it’s taken off, and the 8 YR old was being really bad,too: he was mad the 14 YR old was using a computer he wanted so he BIT her and tried to push her down the stairs and then said he wants to stab everyone, kill us all no matter what he has to do and burn the house down! Of course my mother blamed the 12 and 14 YR olds though and said THEY must have “been bothering him” because nothing is ever HIS fault; always someone else’s! She really is a piece of work and why do you think he IS such a brat?

The Eye Exam.

EyeChart It turns out the 16 YR old needs glasses and no one even knew…..not even her! She went to get her Learner’s Permit driver’s license(which she got) but she failed the vision test and they told her she had to go and have her eyes tested so she went and had an eye exam and it turns out that she’s near-sighted and needs glasses! Who knew? She kept insisting she had no trouble seeing and didn’t need glasses but the vision part of the driving exam and the following eye exam proved otherwise! She said she doesn’t want to wear glasses as she’d “look like a dork” and wants contact lenses but at the eye place they said she’s “too young” and her eyes have to “adjust” to glasses awhile first before she can have contacts but that’s a load of crap as *I* had contacts when I was 15 before I ever had glasses; I think they just want us to spend the $$$$ on glasses AND contacts so that way they make more $$$$! So now 5 of the kids can drive but we still can’t afford to pay for insurance for them! The 16 YR old also re-newed her health card and got her photo ID.

As well, my mother saw her doctor and got her blood test results and she failed: she’s officially diabetic and she has to test her blood sugars every week and if it gets above a certain number to call them and her cholesteral is even higher than it was before( because she always cheats on the diet the doctor gave her and just eats what she wants!) so she’s now on 2 new meds to lower it. There was an incredible thunderstorm overnight too and it woke everyone up; the thunder was so loud it sounded like it was right outside my bedroom window and it shook the entire house,startling me awake(Buddy was hiding under my bed all night)and I thought, “What the f*ck was THAT?”and the 20 YR old said lightening hit a telephone pole in front of his work and it was cracked in half and scorched and they were replacing it.

I also picked fresh mulberries off our tree and that fell off the trees onto the grass, still fresh and warm from the sun, and my hubby’s going into Toronto for work today and tomorrow and taking the kids into “Wonderland” amusement park so tomorrow I’m going in with them as well to visit and to spend the day with my BFF( ever since we were 12!) and we’ll catch up and go shopping and I’m so excited to see her again I can hardly wait! School ends this week too and we have 3 “milestones” starting in the fall: one going into Jr. High, one going into highschool,and one going off to university!

The Travelling Shoes.

CheckeredShoes  I have these pair of Van’s checkered shoes( like the ones seen here) that I’ve had for several YRS now, replacing the ones I originally got in California when I was 16 but were lost in the fire. I have worn them, which I call “My Beloved Checkered Shoes” everywhere I’ve travelled to, so they have been all over the world and have walked on 5 continents.They have seen 33 countries and have walked on ancient ruins and seen historical landmarks. They are the perfect footwear for travelling as they’re black and white and match with everything and they slip on and off easily to pass thru airport security and they’re comfortable for walking and when they get wet( such as the time I fell off the sailboat and plunged into the Caribbean Sea) they dry out easily without damage. They also say while flying you should wear sturdy, comfortable, rubber soled shoes that make it easy if you need to quickly evacuate the plane in case of emergency, and not high-heels or sandals that come off easily. All in all, these are the perfect shoes for travelling and I wear them everywhere. They are well-travelled shoes!

As well, I was swimming with the 7 YR old until we heard thunder and then we had to get out of the pool and earlier in the morning my mother was at the front of the house and said it was raining there but I was out the back( with the “Cow Cat” snuggling beside me on the towel) suntanning and it was sunny and hot and not a single drop of rain! It was so weird! It’s also finally back to being hot again like summer and to me Heaven on earth is laying on a beach on the Caribbean on the sand and going into the crystal clear blue water. The only thing I don’t like is getting sea salt in my butt crack. When it dries it’s all gritty and feels like sand and it’s soooo annoying.The lady next door also let out this ungodly scream and I thought someone was hurt and I said, “What was THAT?” and she goes, “Sorry! It was just a mouse and it scared me!”

My hubby also had to drive to Kingston to help give his dad a “boost” as he was driving to Quebec to visit his sister and his car broke down in Kingston(that’s as far as he got) in the middle of the highway and no one would stop to help and he’d let his auto club membership expire, and my hubby’s so selfish that whenever we get fried chicken he always makes sure he grabs HIS 4-5 pieces FIRST before anyone else and before he even lets anyone else can get any, to make sure that he gets the “best” choice pieces and if I dig in before him he’ll scream at me and berate me that I’m “rude”  and “don’t wait my turn” and it reminds me of animals in the wild where the males eat their share first and then the females and the young get the leftovers! The 7 YR old was being bad again as well and told the 11 YR old “Go burn!” and then “F*ck off and DIE!” and when I went to punish him he locked himself in a room and refused to let me in and then he broke the door, I swear, that kid exceeds the limits of my medication!

The 13 YR old entered this contest to meet her fave. designer Bethany Mota in NYC as well but she didn’t win( no surprise here) and as the 19 YR old and 16 YR old were walking home this crazy redneck charged out of his house and screamed at them, “Get off my f*cking grass!” and then threatened to beat them up, call the police, and kill them,and hopped on his bike and chased them down the street! WTF? He has a house at a corner and everyone crosses across the lawn like they do with us; we have a corner house too and people cut across but I don’t care; so what! The rednecks here are batshit crazy! I mean, what a total asshole! I hate this shit hole so much and the people here suck.

My Suntan.

MySuntan This is my suntanned arm. Usually I’m lily-white. I sent this photo to our oldest in Calgary to show him my summer tan( we both like to suntan, and the 13 YR old does as well) and he sent me a photo of his tan progress as well. I love laying out in the sun, it’s relaxing and de-stressing( it’s like free therapy) and I look and feel healthier with a nice deep, golden brown tan, not to mention the obvious health benefits of vitamin D. I certainly look alot better than my usual ghostly sickly white, or like they say in Mandarin Chinese about white people, “Bi- guay”( white ghost) or “Bi-goh- tzu”( white dog). I’ve never been to a tanning bed and I’ve only been to a tanning salon once to try a spray tan; to get a head start before a trip so I wouldn’t be so pale at the beach, but I prefer a natural tan from the sun, and besides, it’s free! As a kid I was always out in the sun and got tanned just by playing outside and then ever since I was 13 I would purposely lay out in the sun to get a suntan. People say it gives you skin cancer but they say everything does, some even say the chemicals in sunscreen gives you skin cancer,too. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, though; tanning is my only “vice.”

I also got insulted and blamed online and told it’s my OWN fault why I’m stuck here in a place I hate and can’t move because I can’t afford it and don’t have the $$$ to move and I told them where am I going to get 10 000$ from unless it just falls from the sky and not everyone’s rich, and it’s not that easy, my mother has been slacking off and not doing her share around here and has been passing it off on everyone else and when I said how grocery shopping is one of her jobs she told me to do it instead but when I said to her, “How about then we trade and  I do the grocery shopping  instead and YOU homeschool the kids?” then she shut up, and the 7 YR old ate something spicy and then gasps, “There’s a FIRE in my mouth! Take it OUT!!” I also showed the 11 and 13 YR olds how to lay on your back and spin a sofa cushion on your feet only it was harder than they thought it was and they couldn’t get it to balance right and it kept falling off.

The kids also asked me which ones of them were “accidents” and I told them none of them were “accidents” but rather “surprises” and there’s so many of them and it was so long ago that I don’t even remember, the 7 and 11 YR olds were arguing which one of them was more “important” and the 11 YR old goes, “I’M her FAVOURITE!” the 16 YR old’s driver’s license arrived in the mail and his photo looks like the typical mug-shot: his eyebrows are shooting high up (like a clown) and he has this shocked, surprised look on his face; it’s hilarious and we all cracked up and he’s so embarrassed to show anyone and my mother joked they make it like that on purpose so you’re too embarrassed to get pulled over by the cops, and we had another big storm last night again and alot of people are without electricity and Grand Bend even had a tornado( the 8th of the season in the province so far) and it’s supposed to rain for something like 5 days in a ROW all this week AND it’s cold and windy( 20 C) and feels like fall. For the most part it’s been a really cold summer.

The Epic Storm.

Rainbow(newest) We had an epic storm last night! It was torrential rain, thunder, lightening, 104 KM/HR wind and then everything got eerily still and quiet and the sky turned an ominous yellow-green colour and I was scared we were going to have a tornado but then it passed and we got this cool rainbow( seen here).Even today thousands of people are still without electricity( all that we had was our TV satellite went out but half our town had power out) trees were uprooted, hydro wires down; it was a really bad one, and the town of Angus actually DID have a tornado with 100 homes damaged, 300 people displaced and the tornado went across a 1 KM path! I was close to a tornado once; in 1985; I had just come home from school and the wind was making the tree tops bend to the ground, rain was going side-ways and at 3pm the sky was as black as midnight; there was a tornado in the next town,an F-5, the worst you can get, and something like 200 people were killed. I knew something was really wrong and I was home all alone so I went in the bathroom( the only room without windows) and hid in the bathtub until it passed,and once it was all over the sun came out as if nothing had ever happened.

My psychiatrist’s app’t was also cancelled; he was sick and they said they’ll call me sometime later to re-schedule it,and I was to have my diagnostic Asperger’s ( the 11 YR old calls “Ass-Burger’s) test that day,too; this is the second time the test got postponed; I really DO have the *worst* luck, and besides, doctors aren’t supposed to get sick; they’re supposed to help other people feel better, cops drove down our street again; they always go down our street all the time and I don’t know if I should feel safe or nervous, and a plane was flying so low over our house as well I thought it was going to shear off the top of our roof! My mother’s also only been on her diet for about a week( no salt, oily food, fried food, red meat, cholesterol, etc.) and she just can’t take it anymore and she’s been cheating a few times and just wants to be able to eat food she enjoys instead of all this tasteless “rabbit food”.

The pool guys also came and replaced the “O ring” in the leaking pool pump but then they forgot that they left the pump on “backwash” ( which cleans the filter but also drains the pool so you only run it for 5 minutes or less) and they left and then came back about 10 minutes later saying they forgot to turn off the backwash and then they turned it off( duuuhhh) but we’d lost about 3 inches of water out of the pool so I had to run the hose for a few HRS to refill it, and they said on the news for every house in Toronto sold there’s between 5-15 people bidding on it ( due to the housing shortage; there’s more people than houses and there’s no new ones being built, also explaining the outrageous prices)so the odds of you getting it are low and they almost always sell for over-asking price as well and the one with the most $$$$ will always be the one that wins so that would leave us out every time; I’ll never be able to afford to move back there even though I miss the city so much; my dream will never become a reality.