Yeast Infection!

Itchy I have a raging yeast infection and the itching is driving me up the wall! It’s also all swollen and stings but the itch is THE WORST! (Ladies, can you sympathize with me?) I get them all the time and so luckily I had a back-up Canesten pill and topical cream on hand for just such an emergency. I HATE yeast infections and nothing is worse than a maddening itch! I would even rather have something hurt than itch! I also think the next door neighbour might have had her baby,too, as she doesn’t look pregnant anymore but it’s  strange as I’ve never seen the baby or seen them WITH a baby and they don’t have a baby car seat in their car, so I wonder if maybe it’s still at the hospital or maybe it even died or something? I hope not though, that’s just too sad to even think about…

I’m also a member of the Angus Reid Panel that fills out surveys(I think surveys are fun….I know, I’m weird) and one question was if I like the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team or if I dislike them but I checked “neither like or dislike” because I couldn’t care less, and the 21 YR old got a new computer, a really fast one, and it cost him 1200$ , as compared to my piece of shit that only cost 200$ but he’s working and can afford it and he needs the super fast speed for all the online games he plays.

My hubby took the van in to get the snow tires put on for winter as well and during the inspection they also found that the brakes, battery,headlights,and windshield wipers were “shot” too and all needed to be replaced, costing us even MORE $$$$ that we don’t have, hadn’t counted on,and can’t afford…..oh, shit….it’s always something….so now we sink even more into debt…we can never get “ahead”….

My New Converse.

ConverseOrange I ordered this Chuck Taylor high tops Converse sneaker in orange online and I even got it on sale, for 20$ off,too! I LOVE this shoes and this style and I will now have 3 pair in the colours I wanted.

ConversePurple I also have this one: in purple.

ConversePink and this one in pink. My BFF calls them “Jimbo Shoes” as when we were kids this boy in our school named Jimbo used to wear the black ones.I still laugh when I think about that and she still remembers it,too! The French lilac perfume I ordered arrived as well and it cost me twice as much in shipping costs as it did for the perfume; I had to pay 40$ in shipping costs between shipping, duty tax, import fees and brokerage fees so a 20$ item ended up costing me over 60$! I hate it we always have to pay so much for everything here; it’s this country’s way of “punishing” us for not buying Canadian but you just can’t find the things you want here; we don’t have the selection they do elsewhere so you have to order from abroad and import everything! Canada sucks!

I also think I’m getting a yeast infection from swimming so much and being in my wet bathingsuit, and it’s the Def Leppard concert next week which is at an outdoor amplitheatre and it’s forecasted to not only rain but THUNDERSTORM! Just my “luck!” I’ll just have to pretend that it’s Woodstock all over again where it was raining and muddy! It’s also the last band on my Bucket List I want to see in concert so afterwards I can die. My mother saw her eye doctor as well for her 6 week post-Op check up and to arrange the cataract surgery for her other eye which will be in late September. He said there’s a 1/100 chance she will see worse, and a 1/1000 chance she will go blind, but with the first one she said she can see so well and so clearly out of that eye now she doesn’t even think she’ll even NEED glasses anymore now once she has the second eye done!