They call her the “Octo-Mom”: thoughts on Nadya Suleman.


There has been so much media and public scrutiny, criticism and interest in Nadya Suleman, who they insultingly call the “Octo-Mom”. She is a single mother with 6 other children who has recently given birth to octuplets(that is, 8 babies at once) thru reproductive technology.That’s a grand total of 14 kids. On top of that, her home is in danger of being foreclosed.

I have to say I am shocked, and even horrified,at the malicious and hateful way the majority of people are treating her. They are spewing such cruel, vile,  and insensitive things, hurling insults, telling her she “should be sterilized” and the like.They have called Children’s Services on her, vilified, criticized, judged, and condemned her to no end. She has become the most-hated public figure, the most mocked,and the scapegoat of the moment.It’s like a free-for-all where everyone gangs up on her. It shows the ugliest side of humanity.

I think it’s horrible. She is a person, and she has feelings. What business is it of anyone’s how many kids she has; what gives us the right to slam her? To kick her while she’s down? The poor woman has NO support at ALL when she needs it the most; even her own parents have turned their back on her! I can’t help but feel sorry for her. How can people be so hateful and so mean? What has she ever done to them?  People should just mind their own business and leave her alone.

Even if you don’t “approve” of the choices she has made, I don’t think she “asked” you, nor needs your “approval”. It’s her life to live as she sees fit,and at least she values the lives of her babies and refused “selective” abortion. At least give her credit for that, and she loves kids. At least she’s open to offering new life and doesn’t selfishly limit her family size and hasn’t bought into society’s Culture of Death mentality  to contracept,abort and limit the number of kids God chooses to bless you with.

I feel so badly for her. How can she not have a nervous breakdown with nothing but constant criticism and vile thrown at her?(not to mention the precarious situation her newborns are in, still in NICU for months, and now even the hospital has threatened to NOT release them into her custody!) She’s all alone here and in danger of losing her home and her kids, yet no one seems to care. Her entire life is falling apart and crashing in.It has to be the worst moment of her life. They seem intent on destroying her life. Society IS hateful to large families(I have had this first-hand myself!) and it worries me that she will crack with the pressure and the ongoing constant hatred aimed at her. Will these hard-hearted hateful people not be happy until she finally commits suicide under the strain, or what? Is that what they’re hoping for? I can’t even imagine the stress the poor woman must be going thru right now,and all alone with no support.It’s inhuman what people are doing to her, how they’re treating her,and what they’re putting her thru….

I can only pray for Nadya Suleman and her children. Pray that God comforts and upholds her during this period of  intense stress, persecution and attack. She has even received death threats! I can’t believe how heartless people can be. I pray for her and her family. I pray she gets the support she needs(both financially, emotionally and physically, as that’s just too much work for one person, no matter who they are!) I pray God carries her and her children thru this and that they can remain an intact family, and in their home. I pray they can weather the storm and come thru this stronger. I pray she can hold on and try her best to ignore the haters. I pray God gives her strength to overcome. All things must pass. I just hope she survives. The criticism and hatred have most likely already broken her spirit and turned her life upside-down. She needs peace.She needs to be left alone. I pray Social Services leaves her alone. I pray she doesn’t lose her home, her children, her family.I pray people will stop being so heartless and cruel.Sometimes I feel I am the only person out there who cares and is praying for her….

2 thoughts on “They call her the “Octo-Mom”: thoughts on Nadya Suleman.

  1. first of all let’s please not talk about “how many children god blessed her with” the children were conceived through invitro fertilization and then implanted into her. they were “surplus embryos” “left-over” from her previous fertility procedures from which her other 6 children resulted. these embroys were frozen, in a freezer, like groceries. there may be even more embryos she and her doctors have stashed away. this is EXTREMELY disrespectful to God, to treat human lives like that. what if the freezer fails and the embryos thaw out accidentally? acts of nature like hurricane katrina or acts of war like the bombing of bagdhad could cause a situation like this. then what? what if nadia dies? then what happens to all her little frozen children? will you volunteer to be implanted with each and every one and give birth to them and raise them as she would have wanted them raised? if not you then who will? or will we just keep them in a freezer for the rest of eternity? how about thawing them out and tossing them in the trash? i mean come on!
    next, she has a compulsion to keep having more and more children- its the same as people who hoard tens of dogs or cats and cant care for them all. they know they cant afford to feed and dont have enough hours in the day to properly care for 37 cats or 29 dogs yet they cant resist the compulsion to go out and get more or let the ones they have keep breeding until the situation is completely out of control and the cats or dogs are suffering horrifically. this is not what God wants, anymore than God wants people to keep letting their domesticated animals breed when they cant take care of all of them properly.
    God hates suffering caused by irresposibility, selfish desires and the like. it is clear she had those children to glorify herself and make herself feel good in an impulsive way. the same way other people collect 27 cats or 39 dogs. instead of children comming to her through the grace of God, and then being the priority that she orders her life around, they have become an “experience” that must accommodate themselves to her expectations and childlike desires. she also did not honor her mother and father by having all those children after her mother and her father fobid her to have them because they couldn’t afford to support them since they all were living under her parents’ roof and for the most part on her parents’ dime! this is a narcissistic sense of entitlement, not a willingness to accept the children (if any) that God blesses her with.
    it’s a tragedy beyond calculation that our culture is losing the Christian understanding that children ought to be the natural result of the self-giving love between a husband and wife to be raised in that context til death do they part. if your wayward daughter or son comes home telling you that he or she is going to have a baby, well, you do your best to accept the situation and help raise the child. but what if that same child keeps comming to you announcing yet another child and then another and then the sixth and then 8 more? when do you finally say enough is enough and do something active to stop that kind of madness? (like refusing to support them finacially any longer, calling child protective services to start the process of psychiatric evaluation, etc?) i mean what were her parents supposed to do? just keep letting her live there and have more and more and more children til they were like the dog hoarders with 43 underfed and mostly ferrel children crammed into the house and feces and urine all over the floor?
    yes child protective services should definately be called just as animal welfare should be called when someone is hoarding 23 cats that they can’t properly care for and never were able mentally or physically to care for in the first place. that person is obviously sick and those cats (or children God have mercy!) deserve to be taken care of properly, not neglected and used to fulfill his or her mental illness.
    i do agree with you she should not be criticized in the public media, and she does deserve to be left alone, but you have to agree with me, she 0bviously is keeping hte media in her and her children’s lives for her own profit. the media will not leave someone alone who calls them and invites them into her life. her latest publicity stunt (i hate to call it this but what else can one call it?) is a bikini car wash that she will be holding to earn money to pay off her home loan which she has (surprise surprise) defaulted on.
    not only will she be appearing in her bikini, but she also invited others — including a reality star and porn actress — to join her. that’s right, tila tequila and capri anderson (whose movies include titles like “capri anderson opens her legs and likes toying deep” as well as january gessert and violet kowal. google any of the above women and make sure your children are NOT in the room! as a matter of fact get ready to delete the search off your computer’s history list just incase they should ever find their way in there and you will DEF have to take the parental filter off. i wonder if nadia’s children will be at the car wash too?
    why couldn’t she just have a benefit fun run? or even a parent- tot walk to raise money where people pledge money for each meter the parents and kids walk? or even a celebrity storytime where people could pay for tickets to bring their kids to a dif story time each week in nadia’s back yard or a local park at which a celebrity would read the story.
    she could have one storytime a month to pay her house payment, im sure she could find at least 12 celebrities to volunteer one a month for the whole year, esp since the ones in the media (like the View gals- and other news media celebs) made a lot of money off of her for awhile and there will be plenty of celebs who feel bad enough for her children that im sure they would do it. not to mention they live in southern california in la habra so its very close to where most the celebs live and work.
    her own mother said she has the responsiblity level and judgement level of a child.
    you are right when you say hatefulness can only hurt this situation. i agree, but arent you concerned for her children?
    also one more thing- you come out against contraception saying a person shouldnt limit the number of children God blesses one with. than how can you possibly not take a similar stand on invitro fertilization and embryo freezing and embryo implantation? and what about contraception for people who are mentally disabled or mentally ill or in other types of positions to not be able to care for a child in any capacity? someone with the i.q. of a 3 year old for instance? cuz those people are just as capable of having sex and getting pregnant as anyone else.
    then there is also the issue that nadia just admited to which is that she used the frozen embryos against the wishes of the sperm donor who had specifically asked her to only use the first 6. her exact quote was that she “went behind his back” and was implanted with them. what a messed up woman.
    of course i am praying hard for her children and her and i want all of them to be ok- but i dont think she is a fit parent and i dont see how anyone with any sense can look at her actions and come to any other conclusion that she should be in charge of raising any children let alone 14 and it has nothing to do with being anti large family at all- i love the duggars- i mean just love them and i believe their show is an excellent way to show people how children should be treated and raised and what is possible when they are raised properly. i would like their show to be classroom material for high schools i love them that much.
    in closing i would like to say that the fertility doctor who implanted the embryos is just as much if not more so at fault than nadia and i will continue to pray for all of them involved esp the children. blessings and love- violet blue

  2. Thanx for your detailed reply. You obviously put alot of thought and time into it. I personally don’t agree with IVF or other “reproductive technologies” but I still think that every child is a blessing and gift from God, no matter how it was conceived. I personally also do not like the media “circus” Nadia has been involved in but I don’t think CPS should be called; they are too “Big Brother”,and bad news who destroy innocent families on mere suspicion.People should be free to raise their families the way they see fit without gov’t intrusion.

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