Things I am proud of….


I saw a list like this on another blog, so here’s my version….



…that I was able(and blessed) to give birth to 11 kids.

…that none of the kids are out there having sex before marriage, drinking, smoking, taking drugs, in gangs, or in trouble with the law or have run away.

…that I am a survivor and have endured and overcome a great many trials, traumas, afflictions,misfortunes,emotional upsets, abuses, maltreatments, and hardhips.

….that I was on the Honour Roll when I graduated high school.

…that I have a strong faith and trust in God that no one and nothing can take away from me.

…that I have only ever been with my husband.

…that I have strong values and morals and code of ethics.

….that I genuinely care for people in need and am a prayer warrior.

….that I am pro-life and anti-war.

…that I can speak more than one language.

…that I have the gift of writing.

…that our oldest is doing so well away at university.

…that our house walls are not white, but sophisticated and coloured.

…that I watch minimal TV.

….that I am very strong-willed, motivated,and determined.

… of my wicked sense of humour.

…. of my off-beat, funky, individual fashion-sense.

…that I am not afraid to stick out or stand up for what I believe in and to stand for God.

… that I don’t follow the crowd, but think for myself.

…that I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs.

…that I homeschool my kids.

…that I defend victims of injustice.

…that I stand up for what’s right.

….that we are Christians.

….that I have travelled to 25 countries.

…that the 13 year old will soon be in grade 8 piano.

…that I am conservative.

…that I put people before animals or the environment.

…that I am good at saving up money and not in debt.

…that I breastfed my kids.

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