Time Travel Back To The 1950’s.

I am in the wrong decade. I wish I could go back to the 1950’s(the time my mom was a teen) as society was more moral and had values, the world was safer and people knew right from wrong,unlike now where sin is not only tolerated and accepted as “normal” but is glorified, encouraged and flaunted.The real sin and decline of society started in the 60’s with the sexual revolution, free-love, birth-control and abortion, and women’s lib, and has quickly gone downhill from there.I have a great horror of sin and contempt for the world and wish I was in the 50’s with family values, and here is why:

Society had morals and sin was actually seen as shameful and was condemned. TV shows, music and movies were wholesome and clean and not crude or violent.Everyone went to church, moms were home with their kids and not out working and there was no daycare. Divorce was virtually unheard of , crime was low and terrorism simply didn’t exist and murder was rare. Schools were safe and there were  no gangs, drugs, violence, bullying and Public Health didn’t hand out condoms. (My mom said the worst they did was chew gum and smoke and that was the REALLY bad ones!) and there was no birth-control or abortion.

As well, people were expected to be virgins when they got married and people didn’t live together without being married. Being an unwed or single mother was a scandal, and unwanted babies were adopted out and not aborted. Families typically had many kids and were stronger and closer and not commonly dysfunctional like they are today. Pedophiles and porn weren’t problems, the streets were safe for kids to play without adult supervision.Kids had discipline and respect and were polite,and homosexuality and casual sex  were uncommon and not seen as acceptable.The gov’t didn’t regulate and control everything and Child Welfare wasn’t out of control. You could take your kid to the ER without worrying they’d falsely report you for suspected child abuse. The occult didn’t permeate and influence everything esp. kids’ entertainment, and Politically Correct and enviro propaganda and indoctrination  didn’t exist and people valued life and cared more about people than about animals.There were no obnoxious special-interest groups that got special rights at the expense of the majority.

People also helped eachother but at the same time minded their own business and didn’t inform on everyone else, people believed in God, family and faith and knew right from wrong. It was a good and simpler time I wish we could go back to. The only bad of it was there wasn’t the medical advances we have today and if kids got leukemia they always died, plus they had the polio outbreak, and blacks were segregated in the American South although we never had that here in Canada, but overall the good far outweighed the bad and I wish society was still like that today; moral ,upright and religious and not in the cesspool of sin, evil, and  debauchery  like it is today.Society has been increasingly declining and I wish we could go back to the “Good Old Days” as they say.Times were better then. People didn’t call sin normal and glorify it; they knew it was bad and they frowned on it. For the most part people were respectable and life was good.

One thought on “Time Travel Back To The 1950’s.

  1. Spectacular post , It seems you highly favor the pros. But maybe this is your perspective just from Canada ? I know that atleast in America at that time gangs exsisted. And they did carry out shootings and drivebys. Society was in fact in a different place in the 1950’s , and in fact you may like it in the 1950’s better if you were to have time ability to time travel back then. but be careful what you wish for no matter where you are you always have to face reality no matter what. It may be harder on you to deal with the reality of the 1950’s compared to now. I also would like to join you in your travels to the 1950’s if possible it seems like a good era to be.

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