Unholy alliance of the 3 Stooges?

Recently, the gov’t faced a crisis: the majority tried to secretly behind doors plotted  to over-throw the minority gov’t; the unholy alliance; the coalition of the “3 Stooges” consists of the Bloc, Liberals and NDP  parties, who in an act of underhanded treason tried to topple the minority Conservative party that the people voted just in Oct.

Luckily the Govenor General decided to suspend parliament for 7 weeks(until end of Jan.) in hopes they can co-operate and work something out….if not, then perhaps they can have their political coup, or I hope, have another election called(the democratic thing to do) and let the people decide. A recent poll stated 75% of people surveyed would vote the PC a MAJORITY!!!! That would certainly serve the 3 Stooges right!

Who in their right mind WOULD willingly allow the Bloc, who are separatists and who’s only concern is Quebec and special rights for them,and want to separate from the rest of the country, and the Carbon-Tax loving Liberals, and the socialist pro-union NDP to take over? If you think the economy is in bad shape NOW, one can only imagine if these 3 took over; it would negatively affect world trade as well and investing as no one would risk investing in such an unstable and uncertain gov’t. It would result in anarchy, civil unrest, and possibly even civil war,and an end to a united country as we know it. It is a disaster in the making.How can they just disregard the will of the people and place themselves in power? it’s like a Third World country!

I hope and prayit will not be allowed to happen. This is yet another sign of the Last Days; world economic collapse, civil unrest and gov’t instability. Exciting times for the righteous no dobut, but also perlious and difficult to endure….I pray when Parliament resumes in the new year democracy and not dictatorship will prevail…..but regardless we know God is always with us, watching over His people,and we can be secure He will carry us safely thru whatever catastrophe the world will  throw at us.With God nothing is impossible.

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