US President Obama.

Nov, 2008:

Dearest ones,

Barrack Obama has indeed won the US presidency, just as I suspected, yet somewhat feared, he would. Why should it concern me, here in Canada, not even an American?Well, let me share a few things with you:

  First of all, I bear no ill-will, contempt, or hatred for the man. I think he is a nice-looking, intelligent, personable, and charming man, but this is concerning in itself as well as I think his popularity rests mainly on the cult of personality. He is seen and received more like a celebrity, it seems; like a rock or sports star,than a politician. He has a way with the crowds, a sway over the people, that is almost mesmerizing and sweeping. He is a great orator and speaker and holds the crowd in awe, which concerns me as so did Adolf Hitler.(I’m not comparing him to Hitler, of course; I’m just saying he  has the same “hold” over people by the way he speaks and how he “captures” the crowd.) This in itself can be deceptive as it is alluring.It can, in some cases, also be dangerous.

  It also concerns me the high hopes they have for him; the high expectations. I don’t think anyone is capable of fulfulling what they want from him. He’s only human afterall, and they expect him to be some sort of “saviour” or miracle-worker, which we know is reserved only for Jesus and God. No one else can do that for us.We shouldn’t expect anyone else to, either.

  It deeply disturbs me aswell he stated the first law he will pass as prez is unlimited and unrestricted abortion, meaning any type of killing of the unborn babies is allowed, at any stage; they can even be heartlessly slaughtered right up until their due-date; until birth. This devaluing of life is appalling.He supports the death penalty too yet still claims to be a “Christian”. A Christian values, respects, and protects ALL life, from the moment of conception to the moment of *natural* death.God gave life and only He has the right to take it away and to decide when ,and how, that will be.It’s not up to us!!

  His politics are way too ultra-liberal for me.The only thing I agree with his going to finally put an end to the unjust war in Iraq…except he says he’ll add MORE troops to Afghanistan….and there’s even murmer that he may invade Pakistan next, so he’s NOT really against war and killing; he’s merely “selective”.Likely he figures Iraq, like Vietnam, is a losing battle and not getting enough money out of it and that it’s unwinnable; nevermind the thousands of innocent civilians’ lives it cost,and the soldiers who lost their lives too, and for what? All for nothing! Invading and oppressing a nation is never right, nor is it right to take their resources,and the only time war can be justified is to defend oneself; it is only a last-case resort to be used as a defence(if your country has been invaded, for example) but not an offence.

  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the poor guy assassinated, esp. given the controversy and that some people still are against a black(or more correecly in his case, mixed-race) president.(Americans also have a history of bumping off several of  their leaders)I have a hard time seeing him truly “make” it and although personally I have nothing against him, his left-leaning politics and blatant disregard for life deeply disturb me. I hope the abortion thing will NOT pass thu the senate and actually make it to law, but you never know…

  Some people have even referred to him as the “Anti-Christ”. I ,however, think, this is going a bit too far. I wouldn’t say that’s what he is, but he needs prayer; prayer for God to “move’ him in the right direction; for life, peace,family,and faith, to be a force of good in the world and not pander to the culture of death. He can do great things but he needs God and His guidance. Let’s pray God can use him for His purposes. I wish him success, but for the cause of good and to turn to God and not away form Him.

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