What do I like to do?

My hobbies and interests:

favourite TV shows:



Desperate Housewives


Everybody hates Chris


A Baby Story(TLC)

Little People,Big World(TLC)


Favourite music:

Disco from the 70’s(when I was a kid growing up!)

80’s music(from my teen years and early adulthood)

George Thorogood(seen live several times!)

Robbie Robertson

Lenny Kravitz(have concert tickets for, for Oct. 2008)

Tom Petty

Aerosmith(I’ve seen live!)




basically, I like most music styles, all except for country music, which I can’t stand!!


Favourite movies:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off




The Breakfast Club

Indiana Jones series

Austin Powers series

Star Wars series

I enjoy comedies, dramas, so-called “Chick-flicks”,romantic comedies


Fave. books:

The Holy Bible!!! 🙂

I enjoy the Amish-themed books of Beverly Lewis. I am curerently awaiting the third book in the series “The courtship of Nellie Fisher”. These are good, wholesome books about the Amish community. They are set in a simpler time and place,in idyllic farm country.

I read my daily Missal and do the daily Rosary. I am also a prayer-warrior and pray for anyone in need as well as those on my prayer-list. Our 10 year old is in remission from leukemia, and I know how important prayer and faith is in healing.

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