What do you think Heaven is like?

August, 2008

Dearest friends and family:

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? I have and I’m sure you have,too.

I have read some accounts of NDE(Near-death experiences), mystics,and Saints who have “seen” the other side and here is what they had to say:please read with your  discernment.

Heaven is filled with a bright, glorious light.So brilliant you could not stand to look at it with mere human eyes.

There is a “floating” or soaring sensation as the soul ventures off into it’s journey, and you “fly” towards a tunnel of light, accompained, perhaps by your Guardian Angel who has been there helping you and watching over you for your entire life! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally meet him/her, and to thank them?

You have pre-deseased loved ones waiting for and greeting you; you are reunited with family!! A comforting thought; I have lost all my relatives(grandparents, aunts and uncles) I have known growing up and who played a big part in my childhood and i have fond memories of visiting as a kid. I miss them; they’re all gone now(except cousins) and I’m still here. It’s like ‘Hey, where did everyone go?” It will be nice to see them again. I miss them.

Everyone is young and healthy and in their “prime” again; in their 20’s to 30’s and people are also seen caring for babies.

Everyone is dressed in long pastel-colored robes and are happy and full of love and joy.

There is heavenly music, lovely and beyond human comprehension.

The environment is far more beautifula nd of brillant colours and textures than on Earth. It is beyond description and imagination.Like the beauty of the Earth magnified!

Everyone has a job to do, but they are cheerful and joyous.

You are shown your life, in “flashes” and are made aware of why you said or did everything you did in life, and how it affected other people; be it for good or for bad.

You have knowledge,understanding, and comprehension far beyond mere human means.

The streets are lined in gold and jewels and everything is beautiful,serene and brilliant.God’s throne is gigantic and bright and shiny.

You will eventually meet God and Jesus, as well as angels.

All your (righteous) dreams and desires of your heart will be granted.

There will be no more pain, suffering, illness, death, handicaps, hardships, grief,mourning, despair,fear,anxiety, or sadness. Only peace, love, joy,happiness,and contentment.

…it sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? I can hardly wait,and this will be my biggest adventure,and best trip yet!! I’m looking forward to it!!

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