What nerve!!

Dear friends,

Is this nerve,or what?

The neighbors next-door had company over; 2 little bratty kids that kept throwing apples off the tree,and rocks, over the fence into our pool! So, I yelled “Stop throwing stuff over the fence you little brats!” and they scampered off into the house…..when a big burly man in a scary booming man-voice storms out yelling at ME “I don’t appreciate you calling my kids ‘brats!’ I don’t even live here!” when my husband pipes up that *they in fact started it, and WE don’t appreiciate them letting their brats throwing stuff into our pool….then he thunders “If you have a problem with my kids, you come to ME!” and my husband replied “Well, I’m coming to you NOW! They have no respect for other people’s property!!” and then he stalks back in the house!! We were flabbergasted; what nerve! Blaming *us* when they were at fault!! I imagine him as hkind of parent when the teacher sends the unruly kid to the principal’s office he’d beat up the teacher!! People like like ratlle the hell out of me,and make it VERY challenging to follow Jesus’ Words to “love thy neighbor!” I find it very hard to even try to LIKE them!! Sheesh!! Some people!

It can be really hard to be charitable to certain kinds of people, and it scares me he might be the kind to throw a brick at our window,or somehting, to get us “back”; he’s a scary character, if you know what I mean…I’m sure he’s no stranger to the police!!

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