Bald is beautiful!

Hello yet again!       August,2008

One thing that makes me stand out in any given crowd(besides my having 11 kids, although in homeschooling circles it is the norm) is my striking and unique choice of hairstyle,or lack thereof; I have a shaved head; I sport an edgy, extreme Buzz-cut; think Sinead O’Connor or GI Jane look!…I know, you’re thinking “WHAT?” yup, it’s true; I first shaved my head to support our son when he lost his hair to chemo(3 years ago, in remission now, thank God)…and I ended up liking it!! I find it very liberating with no hair,and it’s easy-care,too; a cinch to wash and dry, great for swimming and travelling,and no more fuss with hair dryers, curling irons, flat-irons, gels, mousses, dyes, etc…and no more hat-hair, bedhead, or wind-blown messes,either!

Now you probably wonder, how do people react to this drastic and exotic style? Generally(and surprising!) quite good, in fact, and alot of people have even complimented me on it; an example is the airline ticket agent who said I was “brave” for doing it and she liked it as it “makes me stand out” and I’m “not like everyone else”. People say it’s cute and funky and makes me look younger. It’s memorable, and safe to say of any given crowd I have the funkiest style!! 🙂

I have had some harsh words or dirty looks, gawks and stares, mainly from old ladies.A few people think I’m a lesbian, a punk, a Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, or a rebel, but for the most part it has been positive.Some people think *I* have cancer,which brings about cancer awareness.That in itself is a good thing I think.Social awareness.compassion.Seeing people differently.

What about my family? Well, my husband is indifferent; he never cares what I do to my hair anyway and figures “It’s her hair; she’s the one who has to wear it” and subscribes to the “whatever makes her happy” philosophy, and my mother has always said I “look better with short hair” anyway(and so how much shorter can you GET?), and the kids just think it’s funny and cool and off-beat.(They like to run their hands across the bristly stuble and rub it,and the 5 year old calls “awesome!”) I will never be pretty but I can always be different!This can be my fashion statement.

I like as well how it challenges social norms and people’s way of thinking; they can look beyond the outer appearance and see the inner beauty of a person and not judge solely by looks. That’s how God sees us…

Yes, it’s severe I admit, but it has sort of become my own unique signature style,and why be like everyone else? This is my statement of individuality,and what makes me unique from everyone else.You can spot me in a crowd, that’s for sure!!You don’t realize how your appearance helps you blend in to the crowd,and how a drastic change causes you to stand out,but we ARE called to stand out for Christ… 🙂

Did you know that orthodox Jewish women in the Old Testament(and I believe some still even to this day,too) shave their heads as well as a sign of submission,obedience,and humility to God? Some choose to wear wigs on top and other wear bandanas, but they are shorn as well.That’s something to think about…not so “subversive” now, is it, but rather a religious statement as well!

God made everyone unique and special.Express yourself, your creativity, your uniqueness, in your own special way.Don’t be “afraid” to stand up or to stand out.Have strength and courage to be who you are.Be bold and even outrageous.Proudly wear who you are for all the world to see,and don’t have to “apologize” for it or for who you are.I do.It’s called a Buzz-cut,and for me it is very symbolic in many ways and expresses many things.Plus, I love it and I think it’s wild!! :)Who cares what other people think; you do it for you, not for them.Let them go ahead and stare!! I just let it all hang out.

Bzzzz!!! Bzzzzz!!

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