No Refunds!!

BieberDeport Now that punk Justin Bieber has been charged here too for assaulting a  limo driver last month as well as the drunk driving charge in Florida so soon he’ll have more court dates than concert dates! He’s such a spoiled little prick though and thinks because he’s famous that he can do whatever he wants and gets away with drugs, vandalism, speeding, assault, etc. but it’s finally caught up to him. What do you expect though when he’s ignorant white trash? He’s just a redneck with money( but money doesn’t buy class); his mother had him when she was just 16 and his father’s been in and out of jail and he’s never had a moral compass,so that combined with fame at a young age and being surrounded by people that enable him is nothing but a recipe for disaster. He’s only 19 and he’s crashing and burning fast; not only his career (I always hated his gay  pussy music right form the beginning and never understood the fascination with him) but his life and unless he goes to rehab he’ll either end up a has-been junkie like Leif Garrett or OD like River Phoenix.Some excuse he’s just 19 and didn’t everyone do that when they were 19….well, no, *I* never did that when I was 19…or at ANY age! Everyone’s so fed up with his antics that there’s even a petition to deport him from USA back to Canada but we don’t want him,either: NO REFUNDS! Finder’s KEEPERS! We don’t want him BACK! They can KEEP him, and besides, we have *enough* assholes here already; we don’t need any more! No one wants that tool!

As well, when the 6 YR old doesn’t get his way he sulks, “Everyone HATES me!”, the 15 and 19 YR olds know a guy named “Cochrane” and they call him “Cock Ring”, I joke if I got paid for being ugly I’d be a multi-billionaire, and the kids complain they hate winter and I told them we’re in the wrong country and I’m always TELLING them that (Canada sucks) but no one ever listens, and my hubby always keeps bringing up how we’re Canadian and “live in Canada” just to irk me,too, because he knows I hate it so he likes to keep reminding me of it and rubbing my nose in it because he knows I want to leave but can’t afford it, and when I mentioned about a news report on poverty my mother quipped, “I don’t remember them interviewing us!” This country is bleeding us dry and the gov’t would steal the gold fillings out of people’s teeth if they could!

The 14 YR old’s friend wasn’t over today as she got grounded for drawing on her arm with a pen( a stupid reason to get grounded and her “mom” thinks it IS ok to be a “carpet muncher” but NOT to doodle on your arms? uh….ok…that makes sense, NOT) but she was yesterday and she told me that her “mom” kicked out her lesbian lover as they’re always fighting and I was wondering “WHY is she telling ME this exactly?” it was really awkward and uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to say so I just stammered, “Uh, ok…..” I mean, what do you SAY to something like that,anyway? I feel badly for the poor kid,too, in such a messed-up home and you can’t blame the kid for the sins of the parents.She’s such a nice kid too and doesn’t deserve to get mixed up in shit like that. It’s all just too weird.

Bob ‘ Mon.

BMBlog1Robert Nesta Marley, born 6 February, 1945, in Nine Mile, Jamaica.

BMBlog2Died 11 May, 1981 in Miami, Florida, USA.

BMBlog3 King of Reggae. Always remembered, forever missed, never forgotten. His legacy lives on, his music endures. Timeless, endless, eternal, for the ages.


Snowmageddon THIS is how much snow we have, as seen in our backyard, the photo taken from our back door window. See how high it goes, all the way up to the top of the  porch fence!(and if you look closely you can even see a squirrel running along the fence at the far end of the pool, and that fence is 6 feet high and look how high the snow goes up to on it!) It also goes half-way up our back door( we can’t even open the door!) and buried the pool(you can just barely see the diving board at the far end) and we’re having yet another blizzard today; we have them DAILY lately now for the past week, (10 cm or more each),maybe even longer. This has GOT to be the worst winter( heavy snow, brutal cold) that we’ve had in YRS and it feels like it’ll never end. They cancel school buses on average 2-3 times a week lately( although in public school they don’t learn much, anyway, so they’re not missing anything) but our kids, being homeschooled, don’t have “snow days” and still have to do school anyway( which they resent and complain about) and my hubby blames ME and goes, “You can STOP praying for snow now!”


Gastroscopy FINALLY!! After nearly a month the gastro specialist’s office called and told me in mid-February I have an app’t to get a gastroscopy( as seen in the diagram here) where they shove a tube down my throat into my stomach with a camera on it(as well as biopsy samples) to see what’s causing my stomach issues ( pain, nausea, fullness, feeling like something’s stuck, etc.) and luckily I WILL be sedated as there’s no way I’d just sit still and let them jam a tube down my throat ( I gag and almost puke if a tongue depressor’s at the back of my throat!) but I need an IV for it though and that’s the medical procedure I hate the MOST; of all the gross, invasive,humiliating,and disgusting procedures I’ve had done the IV is the worst, and  the one I dread and hate the most (even MORE than internal exams and needles in my spine, as bad as they are) because my veins never co-operate; they “back up” and it takes them multiple tries before they finally get a successful vein and they have to jab me 10-12 times to finally get it in and it gets all bruised and swollen and hurts like hell and the bruises last for 2-3 weeks. Needles don’t bother me in general, and I don’t even mind having my blood taken, but I HATE IV’s! That’s the one procedure I dread.I always ask them to numb it first but they only do it in the operating room; the nurses won’t do it. They said I need someone to bring me home,too, and I can’t drive afterwards as I’ll be “groggy”, but I can’t drive anyway, so that’s not an issue.

I’ll be glad to finally find out what’s causing all my troubles though: is it a hiatus hernia? tumour? cancer? obstruction? ulcer? Maybe it’s so painful because it’s a big ulcer eating a hole thru my stomach? It’s getting worse too I can tell as now the pills ( I have 5 left) only last for 6 HRS now and then wear off and the pain’s back ( but I can only take 1 a day) whereas before it lasted all day and then as time went on I had break-thru pain, but now the pain returns and is lasting for longer periods and yesterday the pills lasted 6 HRS and once it wore off the pain lasted for the rest of the day and night. Maybe it’s “karma”, though; I have stomach issues because I’m such a fat pig? An ulcer would make sense though(even though I don’t have any bleeding): I DO have so much incredible stress in my life(which can cause ulcers),and my grandfather had bad ulcers; I remember he went to the ER with pain….and woke up in a hospital bed; he’d already had surgery; he’d passed out in the ER! Hiatus hernia is a high possibility,too, though, as it runs in my family as well, but cancer could be possible too knowing MY bad luck…

As well, our oldest said he’ll likely come visit us during March Break as he has to come to Montreal for work the week before so he’ll stop by and visit us after but the problem is 4 of the kids will be away in Washington D.C on their Cadets trip so he won’t be able to visit half of the family, and the 14 YR old’s friend was over again and she can’t go on the trip as they won’t issue her a passport (our kids have had them for YRS so they’re ok) because her “mom”( who’s really her grandmother) never formally adopted her; she just has custody( her parents just abandoned her and her siblings) and they refuse to issue it without legal adoption papers and to top it off they refuse to refund her $$$$,too! This country SUCKS, always screwing everyone over, ripping everyone off and making everything hard for everyone all the time! She also said she doesn’t even have a pool at her highschool (I had pools at all 3 of MY highschools AND even at my JR. high,too!) and they have to take their swim classes at the YMCA, but “Bumble-F*ck” sucks, AND that she has “2 ‘moms'” (lezzies) and her older sister likes guys AND girls,; that’s REALLY messed-up,and added that her school principal that doesn’t like it is a “homophobe”(even though it IS a Catholic school!), so I guess THAT answers the question as to who’s family is weirder, hers or ours ( they win!) and she’s like part of our family so much now, too(and she’s over here all the time) that we even have a photo of HER (along with our own kids) on the mantel now,too! The 10 YR old’s also growing her bangs out now and her hair out longer so she can do dreadlocks later once it’s longer!