This And That.

ThisAndThat - What I have is officially called “Bile Reflux.” It’s where my pyloric valve is faulty( it can often occur from damage after gallbladder removal surgery, which I had 2 YRS ago) or strong contractions or spasms of the pyloric valve( the valve separating the end of the stomach and the intestines) and it “backwashes” the bile back up into my stomach, causing irritation and pain. It also explains my ulcer; constant irritation from the bile would cause it.It’s like having Drano in my stomach.

- Anything I say or suggest is always automatically discounted, discredited and dismissed by my family and I’m tired of it. They never take anything I say or think seriously because they think I’m stupid.

- I was sitting outside the front and saw a dog get run over by a truck! It was walking beside the truck with it’s owner but it was’t on a leash( so it was the owner’s fault) and it darted in front of the truck and it ran over it’s hip and leg pinning it under but it backed away off it so it will likely survive but the loud painful yelping was the most pitiful sound I have ever heard. I’m just glad that it wasn’t a CHILD and for a long time afterwards I kept having these scary thoughts: what if it had been one of MY kids?

- I read these blogs where I have been referred for prayer requests and both their kids died and what I find weird is that the one who’s adopted kid died they’re even more distraught and devastated by her death than the one who lost their biological kid, who oddly said that they weren’t as destroyed as they’d expected. I just thought that was odd.I would have expected it to be the other way around.

- The 10 YR old said her friend said her brother suffered from “ALS” and I was surprised as I thought Lou Gehrig’s Disease struck older people…and then she said, “Oh, wait, I think I got that wrong….it’s ALBS….. Annoying Little Brother Syndrome!”

- The 7 YR old tried to eat 2 packs of “Goldfish” crackers the same day at once even though no one’s allowed to have 2 of the same thing the same day; you have to save it for another day, and then he said my MOTHER said that he COULD, even though she has no right…over-ruling me and undermining my discipline again and I told him, ” I don’t CARE WHAT SHE said!” and I told HER to stop always meddling!

- The 19 YR old snickered to me that “Suicide is the coward’s way out!”  and I told him that sometimes life just gives you more than you can bear.

- The 10 YR old told me that the reason the kids don’t like me is because I’m so loud and I’m always talking, yelling,and telling everyone what to do….so basically they hate me for being who I am, and I have to yell so they HEAR me(and if they weren’t always being so BAD all the time I wouldn’t even HAVE to yell!) and it’s my JOB to tell them what to do( “Pick that up off the floor!” “Clean your room!” “Get ready for church!” “Put your laundry away!” “Don’t forget your backpack!” “Close the door!” “Don’t you hit her!” etc.)

Easter Sunday.

Easter Today is Easter. It is NOT about eggs, chicks, rabbits, the Easter Bunny, or chocolates, or any other secular crap. It is about Jesus. He is resurrected. He is risen. He lives and because He lives we also live for eternity. Alleluia! Happy Resurrection Day!


As well, the Easter Vigil Mass is generally my fave. but last night I was humiliated,ashamed, and embarrassed and just wanted to disappear, and get out of there: the 19 YR old took his shoes off and went barefoot like a surfer or grubby hippie, the 10 YR old wanted to take a Selfie with the priest, and 3 separate people came up to me and chewed me out about the teens at the back of the church( even though I always TELL them every week to sit in the pews with me, but they never listen to ME or do anything I say) and how they’re disruptive and get in people’s way so THEY told them off(and then they DID sit appropriately) and my face felt all hot and red, I bit my bottom lip which was quivering,and I held back tears; it took everything to not burst out into tears I was just SO embarrassed I just wanted to DIE. I try so hard but the kids just ignore me and act like uncivilized losers. I seriously don’t know WHY I even bother.