He Is My Heart.

B+C Here is Buddy and his best friend Chloe, Patti’s dog. I love him like he’s my own.

Buddy17 Here he is chewing on his bone. We panicked when we couldn’t find him and looked all over the house calling for him,too, but it turned out he was in my room and I’d shut the door and he accidently got trapped in there. I was so scared and so relieved when we’d found him. I was just so worried.

Buddy22 Patti said it might be a food allergy causing the gunk in his ears and to give him yogurt so I gave him some of the coconut Greek yogurt only the only way he’d eat it is seeing me eat it and when I fed it to him off a spoon like a baby.

Buddy23 Here is a collage the 13 YR old made of Buddy. We all love him so very much and wish we can keep him forever. I know the day will come eventually when his owner will take him back although Patti says her son is “torn”; that he doesn’t want to give him up yet doesn’t want him to destroy his new house and furniture like he did before: he wrecked diningroom chairs and a leather sofa, yet he’s so good here!  I suggested maybe I bring him over to her house(as I’ve already been doing) when he’s there and he can visit him there that way it’s good for everyone: we get to keep him, he still gets to see him, Buddy’s happy, he doesn’t have to worry about his house,and his wife does’t have to deal with Buddy. It’s a win-win situation!

Buddy24 Here he is hiding under the diningroom table. He does this now when I say “Walk time!” He used to love his walks but now hides and refuses to go out now it’s so cold and snowing. Even when I put him out in the backyard to “go” quickly he’ll just hide behind the door and shiver and try to sneak back in so now I have to tell him, “Get down there and go pee!”(then he’ll slink down the steps) and stand guard and watch him to make sure that he does!

Buddy25 He loves to snuggle under the warm blankets and loves comfort. He’s just the sweetest little guy there is and when food fell on the ground he doesn’t just race over there and  snatch it up,either; he looks up at me for permission first, to make sure he’s allowed to have it before he’ll eat it. He can open doors as well by nudging the partially opened door with his snout and then pushing the door open the rest of the way and then he comes in! He follows me everywhere as well, even into the bathroom! My greatest wish is that his owner decides to let us keep him for good and in the meantime I enjoy each day we DO have with him and am grateful that the original week we had to dog-sit him has now lasted for 2 months!

As well, the surgeon I was referred to in APRIL *finally* called and I have an app’t in January and even so likely still won’t be able to get the surgery until 3-4 months after that, so it’ll be over a YR in total; it always takes FOREVER in this shit-hole country to get referred to and seen by specialists and to get surgery, and my hubby was hassling me about me not being able to talk on the phone and sneered to get “over” my Social Phobia and I told HIM if he finds a “cure” to let me know and at the same time to find a cure for himself for being such an ASSHOLE,too! The Prozac has worked wonders for me and has changed my life and literally SAVED my life but this is  one thing I still struggle with and that he still “rides” me about…..when I’m just beyond grateful for all the progress that I’ve MADE…..and here HE is dwelling on the one thing that I haven’t….even though I’ve come so far. He’s such a prick.

Police State.

PoliceStateCanada This country is becoming more and more of a Fascist Police State all the time. We have less and less privacy, rights,and freedom and more and more is being tightly banned, regulated,and controlled by the gov’t. The gov’t has a tight control on scientists and everything the gov’t does is highly secret with little or no disclosure to the public or the media. It also charges us one of the highest tax rates in the world, income tax, sales tax, duty fees, and import tariffs, for example a 300% import tariff on all dairy products from other countries, and severely limits foreign trade and investment using the excuse that Canadian interests must always come first and Canadian “identity” must not be compromised,etc. This ,of course, causes bad trading relations between us and other nations and limits the choices and selection of products that consumers here have and causes the prices to be outrageously high.

Another example is TV cable and satellite options. There are only 2: Bell and Shaw for satellite and Rogers and Cogeco for cable, depending which part of the country you live in. You are limited to one or the other; take it or leave it and only a few limited choices for cell phone companies as well; they have a monopoly and control the market so there’s basically no competition and the prices are outrageously high,and of course the quality can( and often is) shoddy and half-assed but there’s nothing we can do about it since there’s no other alternative. Awhile back an American wireless company( I think it was Verizon) tried to enter the market but the gov’t blocked it citing it “endangered” Canadian companies, even though it would be BETTER for customers as it would give us more and better choices( esp. as Canadian stuff is generally sub-quality) at lower prices. Air Canada is another great example: the national airline but also the WORST airline I have EVER encountered( with the worst service and known for the worst at losing luggage,too) and I will NEVER use ever again(I’d rather swim across the ocean!!) with only 2 smaller companies WestJet and Porter Airlines to compete but Air Canada still has something like 90% of the market so they can get away with being shitless.

Police also routinely beat and abuse citizens all the time, generally tasering and shooting them( often killing them) and get away with it and shady gov’t officials are always getting away with lying, cheating, stealing, scandals, etc. Natives are treated like second-class citizens and anyonewho isn’t “main stream” is persecuted, immigrants are discriminated against, religion is harrassed, Child Welfare officials are above the law, public schools brainwash and indoctrinate kids, etc.

Canada sucks. It’s NOT this “free”, wonderful place they want you to think.

Things are not always as they appear.