End Of Summer.

Summer2014 Well, here we are, the end of summer, and only 1 more week left until it’s back to school. It makes me sad and I don’t even want to think about it. The 16 YR old’s still not caught up on his school work from last YR so he never even got the summer off and he’ll be working right thru until the new school YR but that’s what you get when you skip lessons( mainly essays) and let it all pile up. At least with homeschooling we’re spared the back to school hassle of having to buy clothes, backpacks, and other school supplies; we just buy the curriculum and pencils and erasers and we’re all set to go! Some of the books we pass down( the non consumable ones) and others we have to keep re-ordering and some of the work is on CD ROM. No hassles about school buses either and our kids are spared the anxiety, nerves,and stress of the first day back to school jitters as well and there’s no worry about bullies, violence, peer pressure, mean teachers,indoctrination, political propaganda and brainwashing, etc.

We had a good summer except that it was a cold summer and we really only had a few days here and there that were hot and felt like summer in total would equal about 2 weeks. We didn’t get too much usage out of the pool this summer as it was either leaking and shut down, being repaired, or due to the weather( too cold or raining) but we did lots of things; the kids had friends over, went to the beach, the cinema, Cadets camp, Arts and Crafts camp, Film camp, Bible camp, the CNE, an ethnic festival, I’m going kayaking, to the Tom Petty concert,and to a Greek festival. The 13 YR old is also going to a fashion show with friends later tonight for a charity fundraiser. We also had 4 trips to the ER this summer( our new record) which wasn’t so good and I realized that the 11 YR old is the only one of the kids that has never been to the hospital yet so far! I’m still desperately trying to hold on to the last bit of summer as long as I can, not wanting to let go; it’s short enough as it is and I’m not ready for it to end yet. It’s just gone by way too fast.

As well, the 13 YR old and I put flea spray on the “Cow Cat” ( as it has flea bites) that we still had left over from the cat we had YRS ago and it hated it since it got all wet( and cats HATE being wet) and it got so pissed off it squirmed and ran off, angry,I tried the 4 new flavours of “Lays” chips, the Bacon Poutine, Tzatziki, Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese, and Cinnimin Bun and my fave. is the Tzatziki, and I was thinking once all the kids grow up and move out then who will remind me how stupid I am, and my hubby jeered that the upcoming Greek festival my mother and I are going to is “redneck” as in the news article they’d said the Greek word “opa!” is comparable to “yee-haw!” but I explained to him it’s just a celebratory word of joy, like “yahoo!” or “Yay!” but they had to say it in a way so that the rednecks here would understand!

My hubby also said that rednecks are proud to be rednecks and I said when they *should* be embarrassed and my mother said that’s because they’re not smart enough to have the sense to be embarrassed, and she said there’s lots of mentally handicapped people in this town,too,and the reason is due to all of the inbreeding. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a place quite like this in all my travels, in all my life. I’ve seen alot of dumb people before but nothing compared to the dumb rednecks here. My God, it’s just unbelievable. This place is sucking the joy and the life out of me and has destroyed my soul. I HAVE to get out of here. I’m DYING here. I have to move back to the city!!!!!

My New Hippos.


ExHippos2Here are 2 of my new hippo figurines I got at the CNE made of porcelain.

ExHippos1 The one on the left is ebony and on the right made of marble.


ExHippo3 and this plush hippo is actually purple in real  life but in the photo it came out pink. I named it “Purplepotamus” or “P.P” for short.

As well, I remember at the “Ex” a vendor made these dolls they’d personalize using your face they’d photographically scan on the computer and I thought they were cool and I’d get one if I wasn’t ugly, and some exciting news: the 11 YR old and I are going kayaking; I did it when I was in Hawaii and it was so much fun and now there’s a place here having people try it for free so I signed up, and there’s a Greek festival nearby  coming up as well; FINALLY something with some culture around here instead of the usual redneck fare like tractor pulls, lawn mower racing, rodeos, country jamborees,etc.  My mother also made the snide comment how it’s “hard to live with someone with depression who’s always miserable” and I told HER, ” How do you think it’s like for the person to BE depressed?” We had a weird “storm”,too: thunder and lightening….but no rain and it was still sunny, and when I’d mentioned about my cousins moving here from Europe in the early 80’s my hubby snickered, “I guess THEY like Canada then!” …until I also informed him that once their kids grew up the mother moved BACK, and he snorts I still won’t be happy no matter where I live, but that’s not true; I just don’t like it HERE!