BitstripsSummer I can’t believe it’s almost November already.

BitstripsTrip I miss the Caribbean.

BitstripsBreakfast Just my luck.

BitstripsLaundry It just never ends.

As well, we took Buddy over to visit Patti’s dog and he kept humping her( I swear he’s so depraved!)and she said her son asked how he’s doing ( she told him he’s happy and having a great time here, we love him and are good to him and he’s going for walks all the time; we take him out every 2-3 HRS) but he never mentioned about taking him back yet and didn’t seem in any hurry even though the renovations are close to being done and she said his wife is trying to talk him into getting rid of him. Oh, I sure hope so because then we can keep him for good! That will be my dream come true! He is the secret to happiness and the cure to my depression. I don’t even want to think about when he goes back though as it breaks my heart. When he does my only happiness will end too and my only happiness left will be in memories only. I also overheard my hubby telling one of the kids( about me and Buddy), “Look how much she cares about it already!” and he’s right; I do; I just love him so much it feels like he’s part of our family and he just blends right in. He brings me such joy and brings joy to each day.

One of the hubcaps on the van is missing,too, and I assume someone must have stolen it ( esp. around here; people here steal everything) as I don’t think that they just fall off like that so we’ll have to go to the junkyard and get a new one and we’ll probably just end up buying our old one back again!

His Supreme Cuteness.

Buddy10 Here is Buddy in all his cuteness. Here he is snuggling in my bed at night with his head on my pillow and his legs tucked under the pillow. He likes comfort.I even had a weird dream that as I pulled my covers back to strip the bed for laundry I found a bunch of turds hidden in there and I said, “Oh, no, Buddy, you DIDN’T!” He’s a good boy though. So far we’ve had him for 3 weeks; 2 weeks before we went away and a week after and I hope for alot longer.I wish he could stay with us forever. He has captured my heart and we have a special bond; even the kids say, “How come he likes YOU so much?” and the 11 YR old goes, “You’re not special; you’re just Mama!”(I told her, “Well, I am to HIM!”) He follows me everywhere I go and wherever I am, he is, he’s like my little shadow.

Buddy11 Just LOOK at that face, I mean, how CUTE is that? He’s just sooooo adorable! When he snuggles up next to me in bed or cuddles with me on the couch or sits on my lap it reminds me of my Chihuahuas I had YRS ago and he brings such happiness to my life I haven’t had in a long time and he fills my heart with so much joy and love. The 11 YR old even seems “jealous” of him as I spend so much time with him and love him so much but there’s more than enough love to go around and it’s not divided; it’s multiplied. I’m still sick after 2 weeks as well; still stuffy and still have a sore throat and sore ears and fever with alternating chills and sweats and now the lymph nodes in my neck are sore,too, so it must be some sort of infection. Ugh. I was hoping it was just a virus that would go away on it’s own.

The Echocardiogram.

Echocardiogram The 16 YR old got his echocardiogram, EKG and ultrasound. They never said what the results were(the doctor will get a report) but everything seemed ok from what we could see anyway and they didn’t take too long on any of the tests, didn’t spend too long focusing on any one spot of concern and didn’t go back over any certain area and everything looked and sounded uniform and to our understanding unless anything unusual shows up we won’t be hearing anything; no news is good news sort of thing. I remember when I was pregnant with the 10 th child(who’s now 11 YRS old) they suspected from the ultrasound that she might have had a heart defect so they had me get an echocardiogram of her heart( in utero) and everything was fine; they’d determined it was just a “variation of a normal structure” and that was the end of that.

As well, the 11 YR old and I got “revenge” and “payback” on Buddy for all the farting he does on us: we farted on him and it was rip-roaring hilarious and we almost split our guts laughing but he didn’t even care and in fact I think he might have even liked it, and I don’t even want to think of when his owner eventually takes him back and he’s gone and it’s all over and all the happiness he’s brought me has come to an end; I just love him so much and have become so attached to him. If only he could stay here with us forever. I still have my cold even after 2 weeks,too, incl. being stuffy, and having sore ears and throat( when will it EVER end?) and it’s hard to believe it’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow we’ve been back from our trip and in a way it actually seems longer and yesterday it was a balmy 17 C but it had been cold and rainy before and I really miss summer and being in the Caribbean and then coming back here made me miss it even more and I really don’t know how I’m going to survive the long dreary cold winter; last winter nearly finished me off!

The soldier who was killed in the attack in Ottawa yesterday is also a friend of the kids’ jiu-jitsu teacher and not only was the kids Cadets cancelled this week but so is jiu-jitsu and this is exactly what the terrorists want; they want us to live in fear and paranoia and to stay hidden in our homes too afraid to venture out and live our lives doing our regular activities which is exactly how we shouldn’t react otherwise they win! As I was walking down the street a mentally challenged guy also stuck his head out of a truck window and yelled, “hi!” to me and I answered back even though I don’t know him, just to be nice, and the 13 YR old’s bike went on an adventure; my hubby had to go to Kingston and she had forgotten that her bike was still in the back of the van so it got to go on a trip!