Attack On Ottawa.

ParliamentHillAttack As I’m sure you’ve heard by now (it’s all over the news) Ottawa has had what appears to be a terrorist attack. A soldier guarding the War Memorial was shot at point-blank range and killed and then the gunman hijacked a car and went into the Parliament (gov’t) buildings and started shooting until he was eventually killed and there are reports that there were 2 or 3 gunmen; still uncertain and the entire downtown was put into lockdown and many of my old friends( who still live and work there, many of whom work for the gov’t) were in lockdown in their offices. One friend said he was at the War Memorial just minutes before the soldier was shot and he saw the ambulance with police escort go racing by and those in lockdown for HRS had no access to TV to be updated on news reports to what was happening and just relied on those of us( like me) on the outside to keep in touch with them and update them thru Facebook, Twitter, or texts. That’s some scary shit and I lived there for some 18 YRS,myself ,too! No one is immune to terrorism though and it can happen anywhere( witnesses say the shooters were wearing all black, and black and white scarves that covered their heads and faces, Jihadi-style) and just 2 days prior 2 soldiers were targeted and run over by a car( one was killed) in an attack by a home-grown radical, so it would seem here they are targeting military who are wearing their uniforms in public as well as gov’t officials rather than civilians. Military personnel have since been cautioned to not wear their uniforms out in public.

One thing I hope DOESN’T happen as a result though is that society gives in to panic, paranoia,and fear and that we don’t allow incidences like these to keep us from going out and living our ordinary lives or allow the authorities to curtail and limit our personal rights and freedoms in “exchange” for tighter security and have even more of a Police State in return, otherwise the terrorists win. Everyone seems so shocked and surprised if could happen here though but I’m really not and sort of expected it eventually given what Canada did during the war in Afghanistan and now it’s payback time; it’s coming back to them; you can’t engage in war and go over to other countries and pillage, rape and kill and not expect retaliation. I also hope there won’t be a backlash  against Muslims and increased Islamophobia because it’s not right to blame an entire religion or group of people due to some radicals.They even cancelled the kids’ Air Cadets this week too due to it and all military bases in the country were locked down and hopefully this will be a lesson as well to get better security on Parliament Hill; I mean, it just seemed too easy for someone to walk right in there with a gun and start shooting! I really would have thought they’d have had better security than that! Another good compelling reason for me to move to the Caribbean,too; whoever heard of a terrorist attack there?


As well, my hubby left the side door open and Buddy ran out into the driveway and I was frantic and ran after him with an anguished scream but luckily he did come back when I called him( thank God!), the 13 YR old’s a vegetarian now as the idea of eating meat( dead animal carcass) is “gross”, my hubby was walking by the bathroom as I was sitting on the toilet and he decides to peek in….right at the exact moment I pulled out a bloody tampon and he started gagging and ran out of there fast like a bat out of hell( ha,ha!) and my mother almost made me choke on my chicken burger laughing when she referred to “Satan’s Day” as “F*ck-O-Ween” and my hubby said we go to a great church as it lets us do all sorts of bad things like smoke, drink, gamble, and celebrate Hallowe’en but I told him it SHOULD know BETTER and *I* still don’t; I follow the Bible, not man, and that’s one of the problems I’ve always had with the Church, that it DOES allow sin the Bible clearly condemns and forbids.

5 YRS.

OscarAndReeva Oscar Pistorius has finally been sentenced for the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steencamp: 5 YRS in jail….but he COULD be out on bail and get house arrest in just 10 MONTHS! I think it’s insane he could get out in less than a YR after killing someone( and I truly doubt his defence that it was an accident and he thought she was an intruder; I think he knew perfectly well who she was and what he was doing all along) but  at the same time I’m also surprised he got any jail time at all; he could have got a suspended sentence which is sort of what I half expected given his fame so at least he did get * some* jail time( which is better than none at all) to be held accountable although I don’t think 5 YRS (let alone 10 months) is enough for murder( even more so if he DID do it intentionally) considering here you’d get 20 YRS or more just for bank robbery!(but then again life isn’t valued like it should be,either, and $$$$ is valued more than life, sadly) The whole thing is just so tragic though; she has lost her life and her future and her family has lost someone they love,and his family is torn apart as well. It’s just so sad overall.

As well, I was saddened to hear my old friend C ( from the YMCA group in the late 80’s) has cancer. It was our mutual friend C that I found out, and they, J and I ( all met at the YMCA group) all have Asperger’s interestingly,too; maybe that’s why we all get along so well, “Aunt Flow” finally showed up, 5 days late, so it’ll be a real gusher and even worse than usual( when will menopause EVER come so I can finally just be DONE with all this?) and Buddy finally did his first shit in 3 days as it had been raining all the time and even though I still take him for walks in the rain ( we were always the only ones out there,too; we’re the only ones  stupid enough to go out in the rain!)he doesn’t like the rain and when he comes  back in I have to towel-dry him off, and he always sits on my lap, even when I’m at the computer or teaching school, and in bed at night he cuddles right up next to me, snuggled under the blankets always curled up next to my leg; he’s just the sweetest little guy and I love him so much and I think the reason my hubby doesn’t like him is simply  because he makes me so happy and he doesn’t WANT me to be happy and is always trying to ruin every chance at happiness I get.

My cousin also said Patti’s Facebook profile picture looks “seductive”(I replied, “That’s my friend you’re talking about!”) and she was flattered saying, “At my age I’ll take whatever compliment I can get! Thanks!” next-door has lots of decorations up for “Satan’s Day” and I’m not surprised though considering they DO have a cat named “Lucifer”, and it bums me out that my hubby and the 16 YR old both knew for an entire MONTH that our oldest is moving to Edmonton and I just found out….I’m always the last to know everything and I’m the mother and should be one of the first to know. My hubby also said he’s been unhappy in Calgary….I didn’t know that,either( even though I keep in touch with him) no one ever tells me anything. It feels like my family are all a part of this secret club that I’m not invited to. I feel like an outsider in my own family.

The Butt Plug.

ParisButtplug Has anyone else heard about the giant green butt plug that they had displayed in Paris that they claimed was a “Christmas tree?” It’s so obviously a butt plug and who puts up a Christmas tree in October? In any case it’s offended alot of people and has been vandalized and has since been taken down. I think they knew it was a butt plug all along and just said it was a Christmas tree as an excuse to be allowed to display it in a public place. If it was a Christmas tree it would have lights on it, right? I think it was a stupid idea( although sort of hilarious at the same time) but it gave me an idea: for Christmas I should buy a duo pack of butt plugs: a big one and a miniature one; for my hubby and Buddy, to stop them from farting! I’m not sure whose are worse.Speaking of Buddy, snuggling beside him on the couch as I watch the news is pure happiness and I want to capture that moment forever, and he went over to Patti’s to see her dog again and kept trying to furiously hump her so I’m pretty sure she’s coming into heat very soon and when he came back he was howling like a wolf, pining for his girlfriend and it was cracking up the 7 YR old laughing, he thought it was so funny! I also “lost” him: I couldn’t find him anywhere and looked frantically all over the house calling him when I heard him whimper and followed the sound, and found it behind the basement door so I opened it and there he was, tail wagging and he jumped into my arms, so I guess what happened was someone had left the door open and he snuck down there and then someone shut the door not realizing he was there and trapped him down there! I was so relieved! I was so worried!

I also signed up 3 of the kids for their Sacraments in spring and there were so many forms to fill out it was like with the gov’t, our oldest is moving to Edmonton next week; his job contract’s up and he said the job’s gotten boring and Calgary’s gotten so over populated that you can’t advance at work, the 20 YR old applied for a job and they had 200 applicants( that’s how bad the economy is) and I got unfollowed on Twitter for my “filthy language” just because I said “shit”; they said I was a “bad example” of a Catholic even though  I heard somewhere that even the POPE swears( so I guess even he’s not good enough for them then,either?) and I replied, “I guess I’m not ‘ perfect’ like you, and so much for not judging others.” Some people just don’t have the grace to know when to f*ck off. Everyone’s always talking about redneck hockey already as well and it’s all everyone ever talks about in this country and  I hate this place so much; nothing says “white trash” and “low class” like hockey( or wrestling) and it drives me crazy, and Buddy likes to play the bedtime games with the 11 YR old and I,too, and he’ll run around and bark and nip at my socks as we play and he was farting so much it literally made the 11 YR old cry. His farts are really  nasty old man farts that smell like skunk. It’s pretty putrid but at the same time I also know that he can’t help it,either. He needs a butt plug or we need gas masks.