Our New Pool Cover.

PoolCover(new) This is our new pool cover. It looks like a trampoline and the kids wanted to bounce on it ( I told them, “NO!!!”) and as you can see it’s held to the ground and pulled tight by hooks and springs to a screw that’s drilled right into the concrete. The pool guys finally came to close up the pool and install the new cover( 2 weeks late!) and were here for 3 HRS; 2 HRS for the new cover and 1 HR to close up for winter; to lower the water level, shut off the pump and put in the winterizing chemicals, take off the ladders and diving board, etc. The new cover’s called an “Elephant” cover as it’s strong enough to hold the weight of an elephant( and the good thing about it is it doesn’t sag in the middle with the weight of rain water and melted snow like our old one did so we won’t get 3-4 feet of “swamp” water in the spring on the top that we have to pump out and that’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes and West Nile virus) and when I asked the guy if it really would hold an elephant he goes, “Well, maybe not an elephant, but it would hold you” and my hubby and the 16 and 19 YR olds roared laughing, like he was insinuating I weighed close to an elephant when he just meant it would hold a human’s weight, and besides, I’m a hippo,anyway,not an elephant!

As well, I saw a little baby mouse run across the livingroom carpet and go behind the TV, the 11 YR old asked me why I have so many kids and I told her, “I honestly don’t know and I ask myself that same question every single day!” and she has a cold now too along with my mother, the 7 YR old and the 16 YR old and she has a sore ear, and my mother’s also got bronchitis with it and it kept her up all night coughing( and her chest hurts) but this time she actually took my advice and is going in today to see her doctor, not like last time where she was stubborn and waited weeks and only went once she had trouble breathing, and even now she has trouble catching her breath at times and I noticed now lately since she’s gotten old that every time she HAS a cold and cough it always turns to bronchitis! She wants it to be cleared up before we go away in 2 weeks as well, not like when she went away last YR and was coughing so bad  she didn’t enjoy it and spent most of the time in her cabin and was coughing so much on the deck that a guy thought she was choking and gave her the Heimlich!

I also saw a commercial on TV about a redneck hockey subscription on a pay TV channel for 200$ for the season and I thought to myself, “They’d have to pay me alot more than THAT before I’d watch it! I wouldn’t force myself to watch that crap for anything less than a million$$$!” I also think I must be the only one hearing the name “Homer” that thinks about the ancient Greek author who wrote the “Iliad” and the “Odyssey”; everyone else would think of the character in that crass and vulgar show “The Simpsons”which I have never seen and have no desire to watch when I heard how crude it is and don’t let my kids watch it as it’s immoral and a bad example and Patti said she never let her kids watch it either, and I’m still hoping we get Buddy but if we don’t I hope I can perhaps get a reddish/brown Dachshund of my own that looks like him instead and if so and it’s a girl I’d name it “Queenie” and if a boy “Copper” or “Rusty”,and I decided to try “Cow Cat” indoors in the winter since it was abandoned and it’s cold out but if it scratches the furniture or pees or does ca-ca in the house then it’s back out….

My Old School.

OS1 This is one of my old schools. I went here from J-K-Gr. 6. I was really happy here and have fond memories of it. I went there in the 1970’s but they have since changed it to go to grade 8 which I think is a better idea as when I went the Jr. High ( grades 7 and 8) was next door and it was terrible; kids came from all over and that’s when the bullying started. I loved Bowmore though and I had friends here and was happy. It’s located in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto and even now I still have dreams about my time there.

OS2 My happiest childhood memories were at this school, playing in the school yard, skating in the yard in the winter with my friend D, playing in the park, coasting down the hill on the toboggan in winter, at recess,fun fairs, field days, etc. Of all the schools I went to I liked this one and 1 highschool (Riverdale.) I hated my Jr. High and 2 highschools I went to. My friend S had these pictures of our old school up on her Facebook and it brought back so many happy memories for us both. We first met when we were in grade 6. She had just moved here from Korea a YR before. Public school now, of course, isn’t what it used to be then though and has really changed; now it’s all about propaganda and State indoctrination, brainwashing, political agendas,and Political Correctness instead of education, and the bullying and violence only gets worse with each generation as well, and religion is outlawed in schools,now too, which is why we homeschool.