“Ketchup” Post.

Ketchup(Nov) Catching up on everything:

- While I was walking Buddy a female taxi driver with blonde dreadlocks stuck her head out the window and called out to me, “Where did you get that cute Rasta hat?” and when I told her, “The Caribbean!” she goes, “You’d think they’d have the sense to start selling them here by now!”

- Buddy makes my whole heart happy.

- My hubby heard me running water in the bathtub and thought I was taking a bath and came in trying to take a peek ( free show!) but I was just bathing the DOG instead, ha, ha!

- The 11 Y old’s on this e-mail penpal group online and a 42 YR old MAN asked her to be his penpal…..can you say PERVERT and PEDOPHILE? Of course she declined and blocked him. Could he be any *more* obvious though? Ewwwww!

- I’m still stuffy with my sinus infection even after a few days on the antibiotics and I heard that sinus infections can even progress into meningitis or a brain abscess if it “eats” into the brain. I never knew that. Gross.

- My cousin’s wife with the brain tumour/cancer is worsening and she could die any day now. So sad…..

- We’re supposed to get SNOW today and one of my cousin’s already got quite a bit yesterday!

- I was mentioning about this hot guy how he could drill into me like an oil well and plug me up good and I’d drain him like a swimming pool and the 11 YR old heard me!

- Today would have been my father’s birthday.

- It RAINED all day yesterday on “Satan’s Day”, dampening it for all the Satanists and other occultists, ha, ha, ha!

- I decided to go to Patti’s birthday at the restaurant afterall and my mother said she’d  just “advance” me the $$$$ to pay for my dinner and her gift; I’d just pay her back a bit at a time over months.

- My hubby still charges me 20$ for each week I have Buddy( as a “fine”) but it’s worth it because he just makes me so happy and 20$ a week is a small price to pay for happiness.

A New Mayor.

JohnTory Toronto now has a new mayor elected: John Tory( seen here) he was running against Doug Ford( current mayor Rob Ford’s brother, who took over running when Rob was diagnosed with cancer) and Olivia Chow. He’s a lawyer and businessman who was the leader of the PC Party and CEO of Rogers. He’s run in elections before and lost but this time he won( so he’s proof of never giving up and that there’s always hope) and I think he’ll make a good mayor; he’s run businesses so he’ll be able to run a city and I’ve always gotten the impression that he’s a nice guy and a class act. He’s always been polite, cultured, refined, respectful, and intelligent,and even during his election campaign he never resorted to smear campaigns against his opponents; he merely stated what his platform was and what he’s going to do but not what the others weren’t going to do and he said now as mayor he’ll listen to and be respectful of all city councillers and even graciously offered positions to his former rivals. I’ve always liked him. I think he’ll do a good job and comes from a wealthy and good background and doesn’t have any scandals or anything that will embarrass the city and I think he will represent it well.

As well, my cousin’s wife with cancer is still holding on( although she still is dying) and the brain tumour has now caused her to lose her hearing and her sight and she’s unable to move her extremities and it’s just all so tragically sad, and it was 20 C 2 days ago but now they say we might get flurries or even snow tomorrow or Saturday, and when my hubby saw me resting on the couch after I took Buddy out for a walk he goes, ” Why are you STILL sick? You got your pills!” but I’ve only been on the antibiotics for a couple of days; it does take awhile and having an infection takes alot out of you too; all I want to do is sleep, and he always snickers to the kids that I’m a “drug addict” too because I’m on so many pills ( 7 or 8 different ones now I think; I’ve lost count) even though they’re all prescribed by doctors and none of them are addictive or habit forming and I do need them and they really help. He can just f*ck off!

My hubby also complains about always having to shut the cellar door( so Buddy doesn’t go down there where there’s paint , sharp and poisonous things) and groused, “It’s only because of the dumb dog!” but actually it’s because of dumb HIM; HE’S the one who always leaves the door open and HE’S the only one who has a problem with the dog and always like to make an issue over everything, and I’m hoping his owner doesn’t ever come back to pick him up either but just leaves him here with us and my mother said she thinks he’ll end up with us for good one way or another; either he won’t pick him up or even if he does that he won’t last too long there and we’ll end up getting him back…..oh, I sure hope so; he’s changed my life and makes me so happy I never want it to end.