Nightmare On Wheels.

Bus(new) Our oldest decided to save $$$ to take the bus from Edmonton to come home for Christmas instead of flying as it’s cheaper; 400$ instead of 1000$. BIG MISTAKE! It’s a 3 day trip and he crosses 3 provinces and a couple of time zones. The bus was an HR late and then they confiscated the food he’d brought with him and the first bus he was on( before he switched buses) was so primitive it has no running water( so how do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Ewww!) no wifi and no power outlets, making for a really long boring trip! I’m surprised they even had a toilet although I’m not sure if it flushed or not; I half expected they’d have to keep pulling over by the side of the road and shit along the highway! As it turned out he got a free upgrade to another bus with free wifi and reclining leather seats and lots of leg room by telling them this tall tale sob story that he just got out of the hospital following a car crash and is going home to visit his dying grandmother for Christmas….and they “bought” it…and even gave him a candy cane,too! That’s *terrible* and I told him he’s shameless but of course my hubby thought it was hilarious. He would. At first I thought he was joking. I can’t believe he really did that.

Saskatchewan Here is a picture of Saskatchewan he sent me along the way. Nothing but boring flatland and farms. An entire PROVINCE of “Bumble-F*ck.” I’d kill myself before I’d ever live there. He said Manitoba is a “shithole” and he can’t get any cell phone service. So now he would have been to 5 out of 10 provinces. I’ve only been to 2 ( Ontario and Quebec) but I don’t care though because I hate this place and I’ve been to 35 other countries. This long bus trip sounds horrific though and I could never do it with my bad back; I think those long-haul flights are bad enough; if I spent 3 days sitting on a bus I think I’d end up crippled, plus I can’t sleep sitting up,either! I wouldn’t be surprised once he finally makes it here if he exchanges his bus ticket for cash and ends up getting a plane ticket back though and if he shows up here in a bad mood already! He’ll need a shower as soon as he arrives,too, after 3 days on the road he’ll reek!

As well, I’ve had a dry cough since June but it’s bad now for the past 3 days and my voice sounds funny and I think I might be losing it so maybe it’ll be like that one time when I was in highschool and I had laryngitis for a week and the only sound I could make was this funny squeak, and now I’m coughing so much my chest hurts so I hope it’s not turning into pneumonia! My hubby also said there might be a job possibility in the same company in a suburb near Toronto except  we can’t afford to LIVE there; houses there START at 1/2 a MILLION $$$$ and we can’t even afford HALF of that and he said the company only has something like 40 job openings available for over 100  laid off workers and they tend to not hire “older” workers but prefer younger ones and that once he’s laid off he’ll have to cancel both our life insurances policies,too, as he won’t be able to afford the premiums every month, but our oldest looks hopeful for a permanent full-time job in the new YR: his boss( from the temporary job he just finished) thanked him and asked him to let him know when he’ll be back in the city after Christmas and asked for his personal cell phone number, so it looks like he wants to contact him again, and I would assume for a job offer….? We’re supposed to get heavy RAIN for Christmas as well which really SUCKS as rain is dreary and depressing and I was hoping for SNOW and want a WHITE Christmas!!

My Dinner.

IndianFood I went out with my hubby for our late anniversary dinner. We went to an Indian place in a nearby town. I also have this weird “shooting” pain in my head that feels like a lightening bolt or electric current zapping thru the top of my head near the back. I’ve never had it before and I wonder if my brain is going to implode? My hubby jokes that my brain’s all charged and will finally work now.I went to the pharmacy as well to see why I only got 30 Prozac for a month(I take 2 a day) instead of 60 and they said that’s how the doctor wrote the prescription; for 15 days, to be re-filled twice a month. WTF? What is WRONG with people here? I’ve HAD these pills for something like 6 months now so what the hell? I stopped off at the little mall,too, and boy was it crowded and hard to find a parking spot! I saw an artist there who had a kiosk set up and you can commission him to do a drawing for you by sending him a photo and he’ll copy it and mail it to you as a 12X7 drawing so this might be the only way I can FINALLY get the hippo art I’ve been looking everywhere for and can’t find(not even online!)…except it costs 98$ for black and white and 190$ for colour.


Buddy33 Here is Buddy basking in a sunbeam. He IS my little ray of sunshine and the light in my life! He also BIT the 20 YR old because he was teasing the 7 YR old and trying to trap him in the basement and he was freaking out and yelling and I told him to leave him alone. Buddy doesn’t like anyone being mean or hurt and he was protecting him and defending him! He’s a guard dog! Now the 20 YR old’s mad at him but hopefully now he’ll stop being such a bully! I also couldn’t find him in bed; I felt all over for the lump but there was none and as it turned out he was stretched out  on his side and was flat and remained undetected until I pulled off all the blankets and found him fast asleep! I was so worried I thought he’d vaporized or something! Our 2 oldest come up to visit us next week as well and our second-oldest coming from Japan between an 18 HR flight, 12 HR time difference, and crossing the International Date Line when she arrives she misses a whole day entirely and when she returns she arrives 2 days before she left! It’s like time travel! We’re also supposed be getting this big MONSTER storm between Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which could incl. 30 cm of snow, but at least we’ll have a White Christmas!

The Interview.

TheInterview I think it’s cowardly and  spineless that Sony Pictures has now cancelled the release of the movie “The Interview” due to cyber terror hackers threatening attacks. You should NOT give in to fear and threats; it’s like blackmail and this way they win. It also sends a bad example and who’s to say now that every time a movie, book, play, song, TV show, etc. that comes out someone doesn’t like and they threaten if it’s released they’ll launch an attack? An entire industry can’t be censored and controlled like this. I agree the idea of the movie isn’t very nice and is in bad taste( a plot to assassinate a world leader, in this case North Korea’s Kim Jong Un) but there still should be freedom of the arts and I personally think that they’re over-reacting over the whole thing. They’re blaming North Korea for the cyber attacks but watch it end up being just some teenagers or something and not some national security issue. It’s also a waste of everyone’s time, work,and effort put into the movie(such as it is) to just have it shelved like that and I hope what happens is that it’ll be released online. That’ll show them! In other news though at least it’s good USA is finally restoring relations with Cuba, some 50 YRS later, and it was stupid to stop it in the first place, afterall, it’s none of their business WHAT type of gov’t Cuba( or ANY country!) has; they’re a sovereign nation! My grandmother’s nephew goes there almost every YR but now it’ll soon be open to American travellers,too, the prices will go waaaay up though!

HemmorhoidLips…….and…..just for fun I thought I’d leave you with THIS:

His lips look like a hemmoroid!