Holy Family, pray for us!

Feast of Holy FamilyWe must remember to each try our very best to imitate the Holy Family in raising our own families; to teach our kids to be godly and righteous, and to shun the evil and immorality in the world. We are called to welcome children as God sees fit and to not do anything to interfere with that; to always be open to new life and to not deny it.We are ordained to educate our kids in God’s ways. We are commanded to have a great horror of sin and contempt for the evil world. We are to raise our children for Heaven, to stand up and defend God’s Truth and to be righteous and to live an upright, moral, good,and clean life, shunning sin and worldliness. We can always pray to the Holy Family to guide us as we endeavour to imitate them. Granted, our kids aren’t perfect like Jesus(I doubt HE ever mouthed off to Mary!)nor are we as parents, but despite our human limits, flaws, and failings as parents, we continue to learn and to grow, looking up to them as our example.They are our best role models!